Florida Gators – One More Game

In Sports on January 7, 2009 at 11:21 AM

With only one more game to play, the Florida Gators and Oklahoma Sooners are making adjustments and honing their game plans for tomorrow night’s national championship contest. Both teams have compiled extraordinary statistics this season, and have proven themselves to be worthy to play against each other in the title game.

The Big 12 Division champs and BCS #1 Sooners have been to the dance many times before, and have walked away with the national title seven times; the most recent was in 2000. Could this be the year they bring home another title? Not likely.

Florida owns the SEC title, and is BCS #2. The Gators are looking for their third BCS national title, and certainly have a good shot at bringing home another trophy. That would look good along with the two other titles won in 1996 and 2006. Go, Gators!

Both teams feature superb quarterbacks, offenses, defenses and special teams. Each head coach has been successful while compiling very similar stats; this will be an exciting game, without a doubt. Many sports analysts boil the game down to Oklahoma’s offense against Florida’s fast defense. I don’t buy that in the least. Both teams show amazing offensive prowess, but I will have to give the defensive edge to Florida.

This game will showcase two Heisman quarterbacks, and should be one of the most exciting games of the season. On Florida’s side is one of the most talented quarterbacks in college football, Tim Tebow. He runs like a fullback, and has incredible arm strength. He has really worked on his passing accuracy, and throws very few interceptions. Sam Bradford, this years Heisman winner, is an amazing athlete, and is deserving of the prestigious award.

gator_chairAnyway, my plans are to watch tomorrow night, and hopefully see the Gators bring home another national title. The big question for me is going to be which seat in the den to enjoy the game on. It’s either going to be on the couch or in my Gator chair.

Two questions for you. Please comment, but be nice. Who will walk away with the national title? Which seat?

  1. Uh, is THAT the seat YOU will be sitting in? Oh my! LOL

    • Hey, Dominique. Nothing is set in stone at this point. The chair you see is a Christmas present to myself (with my wife’s approval, of course). It looks good in my office, but wheeling it out to the den might be too much; the couch is usually where I sit while watching the tube. Imagine, if you will, the Gators winning another title and me sitting in that leather chair. You didn’t say who you thought would win. The Gators, you say?

  2. Gators should win, but it solely depends on you watching it in the Gator chair!

  3. I am going to go with the Sooners here, but, hey, they are my team. I think it will be a good game. We may be surprised and see a defensive struggle, with a score of something like 10-7 or 14-10, one way or the other.

    Or, we may see a game where the winning team has to score 50 or better to win, nobody knows.

    If you are like me, you probably won’t sit in any chair unless it’s during a break in the action.

    I don’t think the Gators have seen anything like the Sooner offense this year, but neither have the Sooners seen anything like Tebow.

    But, it should be a hard fought game, I just hope my Sooners are as hot as they were during the last 3 or 4 games of the season. If they are, I think we can pull it out.

    By the way, did you get your chair at a Sam’s Club? The club in our area has an OU Sooners chair that looks like it is made the same way as your Gator chair.

    • Interesting thoughts, Gary. I wasn’t thinking about a defensive struggle with this game. Both teams know how to put points on the score board, and one of the teams has an excellent defense.

      Congratulations on Sam Bradford winning the Heisman; he is certainly deserving of the honor.

      The chair was bought at Office Depot. The day I was in the store it was on sale for $100 (originally priced @ $250), plus another 10% off, so the final was $90. It’s all leather, except for the arm rests. Office Depot offered the chair in about 6 flavors including the Miami Dolphins, and FSU. The Gator chair was the hottest seller, though.

  4. Been out of writing/blogging for a little while, thought I’d give you my prediction. A couple of things first. One, that chair is hideous. Did you get it at Dollar General? Second, I have to pick Florida now that Mullen is coming our way. Something tells me Oklahoma ought to win but I’m gonna take Florida, 31-28. Here’s to a NC ring walking our sidelines next year at MSU.

    • Doc, I’m glad to see you back. No, you did not just write about my chair being hideous! Perhaps your eyes are blurry because your team took our OC. Shame on you! Dollar General doesn’t sell quality stuff like my chair, thank you very much.

      I really don’t think the game will be as close as you predict. My hope is that all our cylinders will be firing and the Gators will be in high gear for the contest. Go, Gators!

  5. Well, I am going to predict that the Sooners will win but I have no clue as to the score. If we play like we did the last 4 games, I don’t think the Gators can stay with us for 4 quarters. But, that’s why they play the game. Here is to a good game and hope nobody gets hurt, although I hope our linebackers hit Tebow hard enough to make him think twice about running that ball up the middle too much. 😉

    GO SOONERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. PREACHERpen – whoever you “prophecy” will win is who I will put my money on! I hear you have a direct line to the man upstairs! 🙂

    • Well, thanks, but I’m just an humble Gator fan who does have a direct line like any other believer in Christ. I really don’t think the Lord cares very much who wins the game; it’s the fans who love to watch and get all worked up. One of those fans just happens to be yours truly.

  7. […] of you may remember me asking you a question in this post regarding which chair to watch the game in. Well, I didn’t wheel my Gator chair into the den; […]

  8. Congrats! Well it was pretty close until late. Great goalline stands in the first half – plays of the game. Had OK scored those two times, I think they’re champs. Now bring on Mullen over here.

    • Thanks, Doc. Whew! I had no idea OK could hang in there with us like they did; congratulations to them for a hard-fought match. Did you Harvin and Tebow just taking over the offensive side of the ball? Wow! Our defense was phenomenal. Hats off to OK’s much maligned defense, as they showed up and worked hard, too. I honestly thought we would put up more points, though.

      I wish you wouldn’t have reminded about our OC leaving to coach your team, though. I think he called a good game, and you will be getting a classy guy as your head coach. He just needs to forget everything he knows about Gator football. 🙂

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