Bible Study Questions – October 21

In The Pastor's Blog on October 21, 2009 at 11:00 PM

Well, everyone, it’s time once again to engage in our weekly bible study questions. I have come to the conclusion these are always difficult because there are so few who care to leave the answers. Whatever the reason may be, let’s get started.

We had a good study tonight and talked about something at the end which wrapped around the entire lesson. It was a simple question, really, but had an enormous effect on everything we discussed tonight. It is simply this: where is the church’s “story.” In other words, where is our testimony? Do we still have a testimony or has it grown silent? Where is your story?

  1. To whom did Jesus say “you will see greater things than these?”
  2. Jesus confronted a master (teacher) about spiritual birth. Who was the teacher?
  3. What is the prerequisite for receiving wisdom from God, who gives to anyone who asks liberally?

Don’t forget to add as much detail to your answers as you possibly can. Get involved in the study of God’s amazing word. I believe you will find great joy in studying these questions.

  1. 1.To whom did Jesus say “you will see greater things than these?” His disciples

    2.Jesus confronted a master (teacher) about spiritual birth. Who was the teacher? Nicodemus

    3.What is the prerequisite for receiving wisdom from God, who gives to anyone who asks liberally? You have to ask.
    James 1:5
    If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him.

  2. Leigh got them! 🙂 More specifically in #1 Jesus was speaking to Nathanael.

    Do you think the “greater things” Jesus was speaking of to Nathanael & His disciples encompassed “greater miraculous things.” Or do you think it means greater as in more widespread, such as many more people coming to Christ and following Him?

    • Personally, I believe what Jesus was referring to is both of the characteristics you mentioned. Certainly Jesus was limited to being in one place at one time; there are millions of Christians filled with the Holy Ghost and power now. God’s people have done some pretty amazing things through the Spirit of the Lord.

  3. Dear Pastor Ron,
    I have been away for a long time. I’ve visited your blog a few times and have read your posts, but so sorry, I always meant to come back some other time to “chat” but have not been able to. There have been many things happening on my end.

    Now, I have a window of opportunity to touch base… so here I am!

    The phrase “you will see greater things than these” is found in John 1:50, which Jesus spoke to his disciples who were awed that Jesus knew things about Nathanael although they hadn’t personally been introduced to each other. The comment was a kind of rebuke to his disciples because it seemed such a small thing compared to the greater things that Jesus is capable of doing!

    This phrase also reminds me of a favorite verse of mine, found in John 14:12 – “I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.”

    This passage always encourages me, because what Jesus is saying is that if anyone has faith in Him, he will not only do what Jesus has been going, but even greater things! Wow, as we are living in the end times, I know that God is pouring out a greater anointing than ever before, and we are already in the “greater things” season!

    Your number 3 question also prompts me to say a few things. Jesus makes it so easy for us to get wisdom. The first prerequisite is to admit that we do not have wisdom, and the second prerequisite is the humility to ask. And He will give us the wisdom we need!

    Another thing that comes to my mind is the verse in Proverbs 1:7 which says, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” What this means is that we have such a reverence, such a high esteem for God, such a high view of him, such an awe, that we realize whatever “wisdom” we have, whatever trust we have in our own human understanding, is so small compared to His wisdom! Then and only then, as we realize how much we need to have the wisdom of God, that we will be at the starting point of having it!

    Wow, thanks for helping me think about these things today!


    • Lidia, it’s so good to see you here again. I have been t your blog only sparingly, and need to do better. You are a brilliant writer and photographer; you are a complete story teller.

      Thanks for the insights regarding the questions my class answered not long ago. I like the way you gave vivid details regarding the stories; that’s exactly what I’m looking for. You brought some ideas to the table, and that’s exactly how we see the whole picture.

      Let me add a thought to your answer for #3. When we ask anything of God, what is it we need to have in order for the request to be realized? Whatever that element of the equation is, we can apply it to the process of receiving wisdom.

      Hopefully, I’ll get to visit your excellent blog again within the next day or so. Be blessed.

  4. Hello Pastor Ron,
    If we ask in faith, knowing that we have a prayer answering God, we will have what we ask for, that is what the Bible says! Is that the answer you are looking for? However, this is quite tricky. We can’t expect to have a house, or a car, or the man or woman of our dreams, just because we asked in faith! Asking in faith requires a relationship with God which allows us to know the heart of God and thereby, ask according to how well we know our God!

    All for now, and hope to see you soon at my blog. I’ve written of some deep things, and would love to share my heart with you.


    • Good morning Lidia,
      You make excellent points again. There is one scripture we focused on in our study, and that is found in James 1. The question asks what the prerequisite is for receiving wisdom from God. In order to receive this wisdom, a person must ask in faith; any other way would result in failure.

      I like what you wrote regarding a relationship with the Lord. Knowing him and walking with him in faith is a process and not something that is automatically done in a day. Good response.

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