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“Through the Fires – God” Church of God pastor and evangelist Ann Braswell’s book about her life and how God has been so faithful. This book will help the reader understand how loving the Lord is, and how He remains faithful in all life’s trials and tribulations. This book will certainly bring hope to others who have been wounded and scarred at the hands of a ruthless enemy. God will carry you through the fires!

“No Church Left Behind” by Raymond Culpepper. This is a wonderful book which I am using as a teaching aid. The word G.R.E.A.T. in the subtitle stands for grace, relationship, evangelistic, anointed, and tenacious. I used this book as a guide and preached about six consecutive Sunday morning messages from it. The results were incredible; my people really began to understand the early church and how it still affects our Christian walk today. This is one book you just can’t put down.

“Failure and How I Achieved It” Mike Courtney has fallen, failed and really fouled up, but he has also overcome, recovered and surrendered his life and failure to God. This is a great book for those couple who might be going through struggles with infidelity and sexual addictions. It is a book which is frank and revealing; it shows the darkness which comes when Satan is allowed to control one’s most intimate feelings. Highly recommended.

“Helping You is Killing Me” Pastor Everett Gates currently serves as Executive and Worship Pastor at Celebration of Praise Church in Clermont, Florida, where Bishop Chris Dutruch is the Senior Pastor. Additionally, Everett and his wife, Kateena, serve as the Marriage Ministry Directors at this exciting central Florida church.

I had the pleasure of meeting Brother Everett at our recent State Minister’s Meeting held in Wimauma, Florida, and found him to be genuine, warm and full of life. He has a Christ-like character that speaks of his deep relationship with Almighty God.

This book addresses the armor bearer’s call to serve. Pastor Gates speaks from personal experience as he helps the reader understand this unheralded ministry. Why write a book about serving pastors in the capacity of an armor bearer? To use Everett’s own words:

This book is written to encourage those who have been called to hold up their pastor’s arms. It’s written to those who are growing weary, but know deep within themselves that this is their calling. It’s written to the person who wants to throw in the towel, yet knows that he or she is on an assignment from God. Listen. You can’t quit. You have got to step up to the plate and cover your pastor. God will see you through.

“The Power of His Presence” This is a book about the restoration of the Tabernacle of David. It was first published in 1969, and I have read it several times over the years. I actually taught a class using it as my textbook. If you find the study of David’s tabernacle fascinating, you will absolutely love this book. I recently preached a message on this subject at a nearby church using some of the notes I’ve gathered over the years. I have ordered signed copies of the book for pastors in my Pastoral Covenant Group. You will enjoy this powerful book.

“They Popped My Hood and Found Gravy on the Dipstick” Todd Starnes wrote this wonderful book which gives insight into his long hard journey from overweight radio anchor man to a healthy New York marathon running, open-heart overcoming Fox News employee. His Southern humor is found on every page and you are drawn in to his incredible journey as he experiences life away from home. You will most certainly be encouraged as he tells of God’s love, compassion and strength during many difficult times in his life. Enjoy!

“Learn to Study the Bible” Pastor Andy Deane is the author of this incredible resource that will teach you how to study the Book of books, God’s Word, using forty well-documented methods. With so much material at your fingertips, you can be confident there is a method to suit your needs, and Pastor Andy has made sure there are plenty of hand-written examples along the way.

Writing the book came out of a need in his life as he began teaching teens to study the Bible for themselves. Pastor Andy quickly learned there’s more than one way to study, and that teens need tender instruction to help them unlock the majesty of God’s eternal word. What had been a failure became an opportunity for growth in both the author and those blessed to receive his instructions.

After an extensive quest for practical knowledge of this needed subject, Pastor Andy compiled a list of forty step-by-step Bible study methods. You will find catchy titles describing each method. The author spells out each method in easy-to-understand language, so you should have no trouble following along. Again, there are hand-written notes to go along with each method.

It is an incredible work and I will enjoy reading the book in its entirety. One method that caught my attention is the one entitled “The Messy Bible.” You don’t have to worry about destroying your R. L. Allan and Sons ESV1 in Chocolate Brown goatskin; you will print out a copy of a NT book for this exercise. Had you going, didn’t I?

Now, order the book and start studying the most important book that’s ever been written – the Bible!

  1. I just found a great book and we are using it in our meetings. In fact it has inspiried me to preach a sermon on Hell. Not your usual sermon found in luke but a real sermon which god has been using to inspire the church ot witness. at my last meeting at leat 23 books were bought along with our witnessing material. name of book is “23 minutes in hell”.

  2. Rick, that sounds like a great book, and I’d like to get a copy, too. Again, thanks for dropping by. Come back as often as you can.

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