Gators and 2:26 to Go – National Champs Again

In Sports on January 9, 2009 at 12:28 AM

Well, there’s not much time left in this hard-fought game, and it looks like the Gators will once again hold the BCS national title. Both teams are certainly worthy of the title, but it looks like Florida just had too much firepower for the Sooner’s defense.

Both quarterbacks played exceptionally well, but both threw uncharacteristic interceptions. Tebow threw more tonight than he did during the whole season. Sam Bradford followed suit with a couple of interceptions, too. In the end, though, Tebow pulled out all the stops and gave the Sooner defense more than they could handle. My hope is for both of these fine athletes to come back to finish their college education.

I don’t believe Oklahoma faced a team with the speed and talent of Florida this football season, but my hat’s definitely off to them for the way they played. In reality, I thought the score would be more than it was, but 24 to 14 is okay with me. Florida has so many weapons in every area of the game and it can be overwhelming for any opposing team to handle.

Gator sitting on the couch

Gator sitting on the couch

Some of you may remember me asking you a question in this post regarding which chair to watch the game in. Well, I didn’t wheel my Gator chair into the den; it was the couch for me as my Westie and I enjoyed the game together. BTW, our four year old West Highland White Terrier is aptly named … Gator. Actually, he slept almost all the way through the game, but woke up for the finale.

What a game! Honestly, I’m impressed with the Sooners because they really came to play. They fought hard, but were just overmatched.  Congratulations to both teams for a spectacular season.

Here’s a question for you: should the BCS National Champions, Florida Gators, be No. 1 in the country?

  1. Congratulations on the win and on the National Championship. From what my brother says, it turned out to be a much lower scoring game than everyone thought.

    • Thanks, Larry. I’m proud of my team; they played hard in every aspect: offense, defense and special teams. The coaching was good, too. I just think OK hadn’t seen anything like what we have all year, and were overwhelmed when it was all said and done. I will certainly give the Sooners credit for a well-fought battle. Hats off to Sam Bradford for winning the Heisman trophy.

      I thought the score would be much higher than what it was, especially with the firepower both have. In the end, though, it came down to our defense against their offense, and we won!

  2. Congratulations!! I thought about you when I heard. 😉

    • Thanks, Michelle. It means a lot for you to drop by and leave your comments. I’m glad we won, naturally, but must commend the other bowl winners for their efforts, too. I sure hope Tebow and the others stay for another season; that would be sweet.

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