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In Computing on September 15, 2008 at 5:04 PM

Preacherpen's Desktop

Preacherpen's Desktop

Just for grins, how would you describe your desktop? My OS happens to be Linux, and the distribution is Simply Mepis 7.0, which I’ve been using for several years. Albert, the Florida Gator mascot is prominently displayed for all to see and enjoy.

I have two SuperKaramba themes (widgets, sort of) running at all times. The one on the left is called ubermon, and it’s one of my favorites. I see information about RAM usage, up time, various partitions, one-click access to some of my favorite web sites, and media player buttons.

The theme on the right is Liquid Weather ++ (version 15.0), which keeps me posted about weather in my little town. There’s a 5-day forecast, too.

I’ve got lots of icons showing my most used programs: BibleTime, StarOffice, OpenOffice, Swiftweasel (Firefox for Linux), Opera, Thunderbird, gtkpod (manipulates media for iPod Classic so I don’t have to boot into M$ Windows) and gPodder (podcast catcher for Linux).

So, what about your desktop?

  1. My desktop is ugly, I have that dumb microsoft green field/blue sky

  2. Oh, brother, come away from M$ land into a land flowing with stability and beauty. Why not spruce up your desktop with Linux underneath? Just a thought. You can always change desktop backgrounds. I’m thinking about posting some of my desktop beautification links.

    BTW, after running Linux for about 5 years, I could never go back to “green field/blue sky” stuff.

    “Luke, don’t stay in the other side.”

  3. My first desktop is Windows XP with the Zune Theme, but I have used Windowblinds as well as FlyakiteOSX and VTP7 to spruce it up a bit. I have made my icons large and spaced them farther apart, to emulate the look of vista further.

    My second desktop is Vuppy (A package of Puppy Linux 4.0 that contains virtualbox) with xfce emulating a mac osx theme.

    The part I hate about Linux is that only Puppy Linux seems to support my WUSB54G V4 wireless adapter right out of the box…

  4. Thanks for dropping by. Vuppy sounds interesting; Virtual Box is pretty cool, too. Have you tried Simply Mepis to see if it would support your wireless adapter? Version 7.9 beta1 is on my laptop now, and it’s pretty sweet. Can’t wait until it goes gold, which should be pretty soon.

  5. my desktop is a picture I took when visiting Oregon this summer of a clear rapid , 25 foot wide creek running down from the top of Crater lake…God was certainly showing off there! totally fell in love with Oregon!

    I have a side bar with a clock, a slide show of my pics, and weather and temp…and a ton of icons… 😆

  6. From what I’ve read, I can get my wireless usb dongle to work after some ndiswrappering in SimplyMepis, something I am totally against doing. I have tried ndiswrappering almost every single freaking distro and none of them have gotten my wireless dongle to work.

    So I’ll have to stick with Puppy for my desktop and Fluxbuntu for my laptop 🙂

  7. clintthewookie, that’s a great answer, and I understand what you’re talking about. Perhaps when Mepis gets golden, you might give it another try, as it’s pretty solid already. Just a thought.

  8. I use family photo’s – right now I am using my Labor Day weekend photos of Darla (Overcomer)& Scott (Praise 365) and their family when they were here.

  9. I will put it on my check list, I read somewhere that most distros don’t support usb wireless natively because of “security issues.”

    Shouldn’t it be an option with a disclaimer?

  10. @clintthewookie: Great name, BTW. Here’s one more thought. Why not go to the Mepis Lover’s Forum @ to see if anyone has had success with your particular model? It may just be you won’t have much work to do in order to set your wireless up.

    @Indian Lake Papa: That’s a wonderful idea. I know in Linux, having a slide show of chosen pictures is an easy thing; do you have something similar going on your desktop?

  11. It’s a picture I took of a Royal Poinciana tree in bloom.

  12. eb, that sounds interesting. I like changing my desktop on a regular basis. Your other half likes space backgrounds from Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) or NASA. Has he talked you into putting one of those on your desktop?

  13. Yes, he sometimes uses astronomy photos as his desktop. Currently he’s using a family photo. 🙂

  14. I don’t enjoy having to use windows at work so I just have to keep my background looking Mepissie

    • That is way too cool looking to be anywhere near a Windows box. That’s looking good. I’ve got the latest updates, so that should be somewhere on my laptop, huh? Mepissie? You should apply for a patent on that word!

  15. LOL on the patent I actually just saw someone else use it(Meppisie) on Mepislovers but I think its GPLd so I should be OK

  16. Oh —–The backgrounds are home grown. Using Utopia’s Logo. The KDM login screen is available at called “quiet” I think

  17. Wow I was just looking at your screenshot ubermon is really nice. I never heard of it before now. Got to have it. Thank you ;>)

    • It should still be on KDE Look somewhere; if not, just contact me and I’ll send it along. I’ve customized my copy, as you can tell, to take me to choice web sites with just a click. Nice!

  18. I guess that was my next question. It looks fairly easy to customize but I wouldn’t mind having a copy of yours just to see what you did. Like how you got the buttons on the bottom and such. Anyway that is really neat– have it running live in vm at work . Don’t tell anyone

    • It’s real easy to customize this karamba theme. Make sure to close it out clicking on the SuperKaramba icon in the task tray. Next, navigate to where you stored your theme, then open using your favorite text editor, such as KEdit or KWrite. Customize your links using the full path of your browser of choice; mine is Swiftweasel, so I have to do it that way. Anyway, let me know how it goes.

  19. Well this is not my desktop. But its another login screen for my kde4 Mepis partition. I will try to post my desktop when I get home later.
    Hope all is well around here :>)

    • nlyric, thanks for dropping by and leaving a pic of your login screen. I’ve go to tell you, that looks great.

      I’ve been considering putting KDE 4.2 on my laptop, replacing my old SM 8 rc edition. Do you like 4.2 and is it intuitive enough for people, in your opinion? Danum has certainly done quite a bit of work on his remaster, and many really enjoy it. It really looks good, but if it doesn’t do the work right, the eye candy doesn’t do much for me.

  20. Pastor Ron
    Honestly, I am using it but there are still a lot of little things that seem to be bugs. Then again some could be due to a nut loose behind the keyboard and my lack of knowledge of KDE4. For me things are most definitely harder to configure. A perfect example is the log in screen. I have made multiple customized kdm login themes and they were no where near as difficult as the one I linked above. Splashy seems even more difficult. The panel is another story it is still nowhere near as customizable as in kde3. KDE4 is functional though and I am using it right now most of the time. Just trying to learn. Danums dvd would be good for you to check out as I believe “aufs” is enabled in the default boot choice in grub, so you would be able to install some apps while running live to check things out. Thank you on the “looks great” always nice to here.

    • nlyric, glad to get your input regarding KDE 4.2. I’ll probably not install until it gets a bit more mature; KDE 3.5 is suiting me very well right now, and works wonderfully. It’s easy to customize, and there are plenty of apps. It’s probably time to d/l the DVD iso and give it a whirl.

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