Has the World Gone Mad? President Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize

In Politics on October 9, 2009 at 1:20 PM

Analysis: Peace Prize Awarded Based on Achievement or Aspirations –

Oh, my! As I was out and about this morning, I happened to be listening to the radio when news of this obvious mistake came over the airwaves. It seems those who award this prize are on a losing streak which is getting longer all the time. How sad to think one more governing body had been duped into believing our president is worthy of great recognition.

As stated in the Washington Post article, there are two types of awards given, and the one handed to President Obama falls into the latter category. It is quite easy to see how this award was given based on what the president aspires to achieve. It is also quite clear he has done nothing worth recognizing him for this award. Lots of people aspire to do good things; too many never complete what they set out to accomplish, though.

Now, if the award were given based on the harm he has already done and the vision he has for this great nation of ours, he would certainly be the right pick. His liberal world views are in no way in line with the vision our founding fathers had. They saw great opportunities here, and sought to build a nation of exceptionalism free from tyranny and excessive government control.

President Obama seems intent to show the world just how wrong our country is; as others have said, he is too apologetic for who we are. Are there problems in America? Absolutely. Are there shortcomings in our nation? Without a doubt. Is our government spending out of control and do they have our country’s best interest at heart? Yes, and absolutely not. Why not tell the world our strengths, let them know about our strong compassion and desire for freedom? I believe these ideals are foreign to the president. His distorted world view does not allow him to believe America is the greatest nation on earth, and that is way too sad. He ought to be our greatest ambassador, but he seems to only speak of our weaknesses and failures.

It seems the whole world fawns over this man as though he is the greatest gift the world has ever seen. I don’t see it. He is an abortion advocate, wants to bankrupt our country, lead us down the path to socialism or worse, is stuck on himself and seems to have no grasp of the seriousness of protecting our country. Too many in our country voted him into office based on the color of his skin, not taking his left-wing political views into consideration. Too many people refuse to see who he really is, but there are plenty who warned us about him.

Wake up, world, and learn who he is. I believe one reason for such madness is because he doesn’t act much like an American president; rather, he wants to be a world leader and his desire is to see America just like every other country on earth. In other words, equal footing for everyone. Please, Mr. President, allow us to be who we really are.

  1. Let me return the comment favor by suggesting that there are millions of people who are thrilled with the President’s winning the Nobel Peace Prize. This is a wonderful day for America, and for our standing in the world community.

    • Good evening, Chuck. Thank you for dropping by and leaving your comments. It is quite certain we live on opposite ends of the political spectrum as is evidenced by your essay on the subject of President Obama’s Nobel Prize.

      Does it not strike you as odd regarding the time frame in which the nomination was finalized? First of all, he was in office for a scant 11 days before the prize committee nominated him. That doesn’t seem quite right to me. Secondly, as my post reflects, he has done nothing worthy of this award. Thirdly, if the award is given to one who destroys his own country, apologizes all over the world for America’s greatness and desires to change us from who we are to a socialist republic, then, yes, he deserves the award.

      We cannot simply tiptoe through the tulips and hope everything will be okay. We cannot simply hope the world will like us and not try their best to kill us; we need a strong leader and not one who espouses this president’s world view. Our country simply should not have to endure the shame of having elected a man so bent on our own destruction.

      BTW, did you even read my post and the article it referenced?

      • Actually, yes, I did read both the WaPost article and your post. We just have different perspectives on the significance of this award. Do I agree with everything the President has done? No, but neither did I agree 100% with GW Bush or Bill Clinton or any of the White House occupants. My point is I think this is a great award for our nation, and recognizes the change in tone by this administration. You and I will have to wait for the verdict of history to see which of us is right, I suppose.

        • Chuck, thanks for visiting again. You and I certainly differ on the significance of this day; I still see it as an embarrassment. It does make perfect sense, however. Liberals are the same the world over and I believe the president received the Nobel handout simply because he’s just like socialists everywhere else. I certainly don’t agree with everything any of our presidents have done, but find what this president has done and continues to do, reckless and dangerous. His views are too far to the left for me and those who hold biblical, conservative values. In what way has the tone changed? I am embarrassed to have this man sit in the oval office and can hardly wait until he no longer sits there.

          We will have to wait for the verdict of history, to be sure. In the mean time, the best thing the president could do for our country would be to leave office and go back to community organizing on a local level.

  2. I am afraid the world has gone mad indeed. I can not understand how they could award the President this award. It makes no sense, especially when he has only been in office eight months and nothing has changed. The extremist Muslims are still attacking innocent civilians and North Korea and Iran are still moving forward with their nuclear programs. Explain to me exactly what the man has accomplished.

    • Fair question, Larry. Here’s what he’s done: he’s embarrassed our great nation, sent us down the road to socialism or worse, set wheels in motion to bankrupt our children’s children’s children, pushed for socialized medicine and more things than can be discussed in one comment. He’s made extreme promises and failed to keep them, brought left-wing politics to a new low, wasted taxpayer money by begging for the Olympics to be held in Chicago. Oh, his ineptitude knows no bounds.

  3. I want to know who the other 200+ nominees were that were rejected so that Obama could win. Win VP Gore won, I was shocked at the worthy nominees who were bypassed for political reasons.


    • Kerry, do you think we’ll know any time soon? It’s political and has nothing to do with rational thinking. As I’ve said before, much of the world likes him because he’s just like them and they feel no threats. They like the way he trashes our country.

      • I read somewhere that 77% of Europeans approve of him. So what, if I may ask? He is not President of Europe or the world. The last time I checked, the White House was still in Washington, D.C.

      • Hi Ron – doesn’t look like we’ll know anything about the other nominees, as the committee keeps the information secret for 50 years!


        • That’s really sad about the committee keeping things locked down for such a long period of time. I suppose it’s that way because they’re ashamed of the ones they’ve give the awards to. Just let us know who you’ve nominated. Thanks for the information.

  4. This is sad, that the world has come to this, lets all say why he got this shall we…” IT’S BECAUSE HE’S THE FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT” Wow that sure was hard to figure out America.
    He hasn’t done a single thing in office yet nothing but follow some of Bush’s policies that if im not mistaken he mocked. George Bush was a horrible president and so is this ridiculous joke Obama

  5. People have loved to have their ears tickled by Obama for quite some time, but the truth is that this man is just a liar out for personal gain. He seduces the ignorant with his many lies, and they don’t even seem to get mad when he doesn’t follow through on what he promised. He’s the kind of charismatic leader that usually starts a cult, but unfortunately for us he had aspirations to become president. If you would like to know the truth about the Obama family read Culture of Corruption, which details shady dealings of the Obamas and the company they keep. And for the Christians, review his abortion history while a Illinois lawmaker. His lack of moral character is well documented, but unfortunately most of the media refuses to cover it. There at least seems to be a swing under way in America with many people wising up to the man instead of the emotional feel good speeches he serves up.

    • Yes, there is a matter of his popularity with the non-thinking masses; it is sad, really. More sad, however, is the insistence by many Christian leaders who seem to be riding the roads on the president’s bandwagon. For some reason, too many people still have scales on their eyes regarding this liberal left-wing president. Perhaps America will continue waking up to the fact the president isn’t who they thought is was.

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