Bible Study Questions – September 16

In The Pastor's Blog on September 16, 2009 at 11:23 PM

We had an exceptional bible study tonight; wish you had been with us. The sanctuary was in disarray because of all the work being done, and that is perfectly okay with me. The people didn’t seem to mind the clutter, either, as they were more interested in getting into the study. I was proud of their attitudes, too.

It’s safe to say we needed at least another thirty minutes tonight because there was such good discussion on each question. I really want the people to get inside the story; it is important to understand the reason for the answer. If you really do some research, you’ll find out exactly what I’m referring to. Anyway, here are this week’s questions:

  1. Who does strong meat belong to?
  2. Who had more honor than his brothers?
  3. Name the city where an apostle and someone who tanned leather stayed together for some time?

Facts, please. Please include the scripture reference(s). Give background information. Why are we here? Too many read the questions without leaving answers. Will you take the time to comment? Thanks. Now, go and study the most important book ever written – God’s Word!

  1. Are you coming back to post any new questions any time soon? Your being missed!

    • Dominique, I’m so glad you commented. I will absolutely be back on a regular basis. There’s just been a lot going on at church and me hanging out on Facebook. Our church is undergoing some great changes and there’s where much of my time has been spent. Moving forward.

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