Bible Study Questions – September 2

In Family Training Hour Questions, The Pastor's Blog on September 2, 2009 at 9:55 PM

It’s time to answer our weekly bible study questions again; I hope you enjoy searching for the answers as much as my people do. We have found this method to be quite interesting and thought-provoking, too. I love to see interaction as we share the details of each story.  Without further ado, here are the questions:

  1. Which king made a covenant with the Lord while standing by a pillar?
  2. Where is the account of people being pricked in their hearts as they heard the word of God?
  3. Where is the description of the man of sorrows?

Remember, I want background information such as scripture where the answer is found, and the reason for the answer. This is how we learn, by digging and finding the context. Please give as much detail as you can; it’s interesting to see why the answer is what it is.

  1. Brother Ron,

    2Kings 23:3 tells us that King Josiah made a covenant with The LORD standing next to a pillar. Josiah, who was the 16th ruler of Judah, could be called the reformation king. King Manasseh, son of Hezekaih, had just ruled 50 plus years and had promoted idolatry and soothsaying among other things, turning away from GOD. The BIBLE says that Josiah found, in the ruble of the temple, The Law. After reading it he immediately repented and began serving GOD.

    Correct me if I am wrong since the other study seems to be in the Old Testament but on the Day of Pentecost the poeple heard the word of GOD from Peter and were ‘pricked in their hearts.” Acts 2:37. He goes on to tell them , in a more controversial verse (38) more people remember to “Repent and be baptized for remission of sin.”

    Isaiah 53:3 talks of Jesus as being the Man of sorrow, despised and rejected by men, aquainted with grief. He bore all these for us. Our transgressions and our grief. He was beaten and chastised. HE was oppressed and striken and led like a sheep to slaughter all for us. And all the while we hide our face from HIM.

    Hope some of these are the correct answers. Even if not I am better for the reading and communion with HIM.


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