Blackberry Tour Update

In Computing, The Pastor's Blog on August 31, 2009 at 11:24 AM

I’ve had my Blackberry Tour since early August, and am very satisfied with the quality and features. It’s a great phone which allows me to do a lot of things I find very helpful. For those who have never owned a smart phone, I can tell you, this is a wonderful device. There is a learning curve, but help is easily found if you run into problems or need some information.

Like Linux, the looks are highly customizable; you can make it suit your personal needs or leave it stock. Personally, I enjoy adding new themes and tweaking things for that “just right” look. I don’t have it yet, but it’s almost there. I’m looking for a free Florida Gators theme – does anyone know of one for the Tour?

There are literally hundreds of free ringtones available for the Tour and other phones, too. It’s hard to pick just the right one, though. I have found a great feature on this phone: you can turn any song you have loaded into a ringtone. Some of my favorite genres are Contemporary Christian, Big Band, and Swing. I had “Minnie the Moocher” as a ringtone last week for several days. It was a hoot!

I love the Bible app called “YouVersion” and use it often. If you’re interested, there’s a link on the right side of my blog; drop by the site and see if it suits your needs. There are about 40 bible versions you can choose from, and a host of other features you will enjoy using.

Last week my wife and I were looking for a particular place and the only information we had was the phone number and a road name. No one was home to answer the phone, so we took off trying to find the place. We looked for a while and decided to head back home. Well, my wife was driving and I thought about an app called “poynt”; I fired it up and began looking for the house. It wasn’t long before I had the street address and a map showing directions how to get to the destination. That was a great find.

Text messaging blocked as I don’t use that feature. I would probably do the occasional text, but really see no need for it. There are many people who spend most of their time sending and receiving text messages, but that is something which has no appeal to me.

Anyway, following are a couple of screenshots of my Tour. I’m using an app called ZonaSnap to take pictures of my screen. Hope you enjoy.

BBampd Silver Theme

BBampd Silver Theme

This is my current theme just installed today.

BBampd with Aqua Spidey

BBampd with Aqua Spidey

Priority Fonts Media Theme

Priority Fonts Media Theme

I really like this one, too.

  1. It sounds like you and your Blackberry are getting along just fine, Ron. Just out of curiosity, how do you upload themes? Is there a website you go to with the phone and download them from there?

    Speaking of text messages, I used to think that was something I wouldn’t be interested in, but I have found myself using it quite often. There are times when I can’t make a phone call, but can do a text. If our daughter stays home by herself when she is sick and we go to church, she is instructed to send a text message if she needs us. I always have my Samsung Eternity is always on my belt, on vibrate when in church. I don’t make a habit of using it then, but it is there if someone needs me. The text message feature works great in that respect.

    • How you have your text messaging set up with your daughter is a great idea. With Verizon, if you want 250 messages a month, there’s a $5.00 charge. If you use that feature a lot, then the price goes up accordingly.

      To install themes, I usually head on over to a browse through the Tour 9630 themes. There are loads of them; some are premium and some are free. The ones I’ve been using are quite nice, and totally free. Of course, people are encouraged to donate. It’s either or.

      I have some music on an 8GB flash drive and it’s nowhere near being full. I store photos there, too.

      • With AT&T, we get unlimited text messages for $30.00 per month. Since I have that plan, I get unlimited Internet on my Samsung for $10.00 per month. It works out good that way. I don’t do a lot of browsing on my phone, but I do check the weather at times and the news headlines, if I happen to be away from my computer.

  2. […] are several themes on my BB now and I change them often. You can see some of them in a previous post. Themes are either free or premium, which means the author gets paid for his work.  I have only […]

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