How Good Will the Gators be This Year?

In Sports, The Pastor's Blog on August 25, 2009 at 7:45 PM

Florida Gators logo

Anyone following this blog knows this author is a Gator fan. There are probably plenty of people who disagree with me on my choice of schools, but that is perfectly okay with me. Choice is not necessarily a bad thing here. Personally, I can’t understand why anyone would beg to differ with me on this matter, but it does happen.

Along with scores of other collegiate fans, I am patiently awaiting the start of the football season, and especially SEC play. There just is no other conference that can match the intensity, strength, speed and power of the teams which make up the Southeastern Conference of Division 1 football. Sure, there are lots of conferences which have powerful, high-quality teams, but when the entire conference is examined together, I would have to declare the SEC a definite winner.

It certainly looks like the Florida Gators will be a strong contender for another shot at the BCS National Title; the offense is truly impressive and the defense has come back practically intact from last year. There are several new players to watch out for this year on both sides of the ball – players who have shown great progress during the summer and who will definitely be able to make positive contributions to the team effort.

There is one question mark that definitely needs to be answered, and I believe Gator fans are ready to see the results. What will this team do without Percy Harvin? The talented play maker is no longer wearing orange and blue with his former team mates as he opted to turn pro. I wish him much success in this endeavor. Many will tell you they wish he would have stayed for another year, but that didn’t happen and we must move on.

According to Orlando Sentinel Staff Reporter Jeremy Fowler, Jeff Demps and Andre Debose have big shoes to fill, but by all accounts, that task is looking pretty good. These two guys are not only speedy, but have working hard to learn the Gator system and are being coached to carry out a variety of roles. It’s not about individual brilliance, but it is about how well these guys can can help the team win.

One more thing, then I’ll go for now. We do have a pretty good quarterback in the person of Tim Tebow. While talking with a Penn State fan today, I heard the typical remark about Tebow’s shortcomings and how he’s not a great quarterback. Watch out everyone, the man is healthy for the first time in a long while. Tebow is a great leader who knows how to work and get his team mates on the same page with him.

With all that’s going on at Florida, it looks like a good year. Are there any Florida Gator fans out there?

  1. Hi Pastor Ron,
    I last visited on August 15, when I read about your new Blackberry. I am glad to be back on your blog, and read up again on the last two recent posts you have done since I was last here.

    Before I comment, here’s an aside, a rabbit’s trail:
    Glad to see too that my dear Norwegian friend Felisol has paid you a call…wow, talk about interconnection. I don’t know how it has happened, but just from reading other people’s hearts and minds on their blog, and leaving a comment every now and then, and a blog friendship is born. This is what happened to Felisol and me. She is such an artist, but more than that… she has become my friend. So much so that if God would allow, I am thinking of going all the way to Norway just to meet her in person!

    Reading your Gator’s post, just a few days after we did the unveiling of the tombstone at my husband’s grave , sort of made me misty eyed. I do not know the teams that my husband rooted for, but he was a great football fan, having gone to high school in New York… the love for the sport somehow never left him. He also loved watching baseball on ESPN. There were only two channels on our cable TV that Ernie watched — the news (BBC, most of the time, for news) and the sports channel. Now the cable tv is off most of the time, and there is no one sitting in front of it rooting, or booing, shouting, or grunting or whatever.

    I really miss those sounds.

    Well…I suppose that in heaven there will have to be some kind of heavenly sport waiting for all those sports fans who will live there someday!

    Hope things have been going well for you. And before I end, here’s another aside, a close friend of mine called me the other day from New Jersey. She said she has a box being sent to her family here and asked me what I would want from her. I have finally found the perfect thing I want — an ESV Study Bible. Wow, thanks to you, for opening my eyes to this great Bible version, I will finally have my own copy before the year ends.

    If you have time, please read my latest post about the unveiling of the tombstone at my husband’s grave.

    • Lidia,
      So good hearing from you again, it’s always a delight to read what you have to say. What a wonderful time we’re going to have as gather around God’s throne, enjoying the presence of one true living God. We’ll also enjoy fellowship with our family in Christ from all over the world. Now, that’s something to look forward to.

      I never knew your husband in person, but seem to know a little about him through what you have written. If he was anything like me, he would most certainly talk to the referees and coaches during the course of any particular game. I like what you wrote about sports fans in heaven. You never know, God loves us all so much until he might just have a place where we can gather around and talk sports.

      I visited Felisol’s blog and really enjoyed the brief stay. You know, people are people all over the world. I could relate to the love she has for her family; it is very apparent. She, like you, is a great photographer and posts some of the most beautiful pictures. I really don’t have that talent. One evangelist commented “my talent is having no talent.” That’s how I feel about photography and me.

      I’m happy about you finally getting an ESV; you will really love the way it reads. It retains much of the poetic flow of the KJV and is really quite easy to understand.

      I will drop by soon and read the unveiling of Ernie’s tombstone. Thank you so much for the invitation. Be blessed.

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