Bible Study Questions – August 19

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I’m one week late getting these questions into my blog post, but there is a very good reason for the delay. The pastor was out of town last week on some very important business, and was unable to post these until tonight. Anyway, it’s time to get your bibles and whatever study aids you use so we answer the questions. Are you ready?

As always, I want to see some background information when you leave your comments. Let me know the scripture reference(s), main characters and why we are there. Give as much detail as you possibly can, as others will be reading your comments, and this is a time of instruction and learning.

In my opinion, this is a great way to study the scriptures; it is certainly not the only method. Let me so bold as to recommend a book to you in case you would like additional instruction regarding the subject of bible study. Learn to Study the Bible is an excellent resource, and you would do well to take a look for yourselves. There are more books to look at here.

  1. Where is the story of 300 men fighting with trumpets & pitchers in their hands?
  2. What is the whole duty of man?
  3. Where is the story of four men tearing a roof up to get to Jesus?

Okay, you have the questions, so it’s time to get the answers.

Please don’t answer because someone else did. You just might have a different perspective and can add more details. Thanks.

  1. #1. Judges Chapter 7

    #2: What is the whole duty of man?

    To fear God and keep His commandments, of course. (Ecc. 12:13) 😀

    I’ll let someone else answer #3.

    I am too tired to post any more, but since my time online has been scarce lately, I wanted to visit your blog and read a little bit. I hope someone else will elaborate. The Ecc. verse is one of my favorites.

  2. Judges 7: 16-21 Never underestimate what God can use in your life to win the battle!

    Ecc. 12: 13

    Mark 2:4

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