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In Featured Blogs, The Pastor's Blog on August 9, 2009 at 11:53 PM

One of my favorite things to do is write about blogs which have affected my life in a positive way. There are so many writers out there who do not interest me, some who have disappointed me, and others who have spoken wonderful things into my spirit. We bloggers don’t mind testifying about friends and acquaintances we’ve met along the way.

One blog I have enjoyed and interacted with many times is Cindy has an amazing story to tell, and you will find real life on the pages of her blog. She and her husband Chris have been in ministry for several years and now reside in Oklahoma with their three boys.

Cindy writes about ministry, children, motherhood, mentoring and writes from a heart of compassion. Cindy is a great writer who won’t overwhelm you with word pictures you can’t understand, and that is of great worth. I won’t say more; you’ll just have to read her excellent blog to find out what I’m writing about. There is real ministry going on here, and you would do well to visit and spend some time reading her words of wisdom.

Before closing, I would just like to tweak your interest regarding Chris and Cindy’s unique ministry. They came through great fires in their lives and Cindy has written much about the subject. According to her posts and comments others have left, God has taken a situation the enemy meant for harm, turned it around, and made this incredible couple able ministers of the grace of God. Go and see for yourselves.

  1. I just came over from Cindy’s blog, and after reading around a bit, this is what I have to say: you are right, she has a unique blog. She gives her perspective straight to your heart.

    Will be visiting her blog again one of these days.

    And, congratulations on your new Blackberry. From the way you describe it, it seems that you got a good buy. Many friends I know have a blackberry and they are all very happy with it. But so do my friends who have an iPhone (my son being one of them).

    Today’s technology has certainly gone a long way!

    Blessings on your weekend, and thanks for your recent visit at my blog.


    • Lidj,
      My forgetter is working pretty well and can’t seem to remember how I first found Cindy’s blog. She has a story to tell and the ability to touch the hearts of her readers.

      It’s always my pleasure to drop by your blog; your stories ar so rich and real. Be blessed.

  2. Cindy certainly has a different kind of blog. I have been reading some of her articles and especially her story about the struggle her family has went through. She sounds like a very strong woman and determined to keep her family together.

    • Larry, she does seem to be a strong woman. She writes about everyday life, and I personally like that. She and Chris certainly have had their share of struggles, and it’s refreshing to see how they both desire to minister out of the hurt they went through.

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