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In Featured Blogs, The Pastor's Blog on July 20, 2009 at 4:26 PM

Once again it’s time to feature one of my favorite blogs, and once again I’m late getting this post to press. This should have been taken care of last night, but here I am Monday afternoon writing about a site you should thoroughly enjoy.

Lidia’s Crown of Beauty blog features stories of her family and friends written from a Christian’s perspective. She takes you on incredible journeys while describing life with her husband Ernie, children and friends. You are drawn into the life she and Ernie shared together as they loved, worshiped and labored together for the cause of Christ.

You will find music and poetry on this blog, too. You won’t be disappointed in her native land, either. She writes with such conviction, you will certainly love and appreciate her articles about her travels.

Lidia has a passion for writing, teaching and ministering the incredible love of Christ to a lost and dying world. She takes wonderful pictures and creates beautiful stories with them. Some of my favorite are those of her home with all its flowers and colors of life. Absolutely breathtaking.

To see what her blog is really about, though, you need look no further than her About the Author section. Lidia’s life is about her relationship with Jesus Christ, and that is evident throughout the blog. This blog is a reflection of Christ in her, the hope of glory.

Please drop in to see this heart-warming blog. Read her posts and browse through the comments. You would be welcome to leave your thoughts, too. Lidia is another sister in Christ I want to meet one day.

  1. Dear Pastor Ron,
    This post caught me by surprise. I had not visited your blog site for a few days, as I had gone back to Manila just ten days after I got back to my home city; my daughter is experiencing an emotional storm, and it seemed right for me to go back and minister to her for a few days. My plate has been full. But that no longer comes as a surprise to me.

    Dear friend, your words are very kind, I feel so humbled reading them from the pen (read: “heart”) of a man of God as knowledgeable as you in so many areas of life.

    Nevertheless what you have said about me is received with appreciation and modesty, and return all the glory to my God my King. He alone deserves the praise.

    One wonderful thing I have discovered about my blog friendships is that God’s many facets is revealed through the people He has created in His image. I never cease to wonder… each new facet I get to discover in you and my other blog friends as I follow your lives on cyberspace leads me to know, love, and honor the Creator more. Such creativity, such depth of insight, such grace and kindness… words will never suffice to express what I really want to say.

    No wonder, heaven will be such a place of homecoming, truly a place to look forward to.

    I have been tempted to give up my blog so many times in the recent past. It takes more than mere writing ability to keep it going. And more than commitment, a blog author needs a willingness to be transparent to be effective. And sometimes I wonder if I haven’t gone too far. After all, we all know, the cyberspace is not the safest place in the world.

    But two things have motivated me to go on:

    1. The word of God which has given me the confirmation I need to know I am on tract

    Matthew 24:14 – And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.

    Psalm 2:8 – Ask of me, and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession.

    2. My blog friendships which enables me to see many slices of life around the world, possible only through this medium of communication

    So I’m still around, but praying that God will keep His testimony through His humble servant safe in His loving hands. I pray for His hedge of protection around me and my family everyday, a much needed protection from demonic schemes.

    Thank you for your friendship that has truly enriched my life. May God continue to use your blog as His tool for His glory.


    • Lidia, I follow your adventures with great anticipation and hope God will continue to show himself in mighty ways. Yes, you show who you are, but that is one of the things I like about your blog.

      You have many gifts which need to be shared with the world, all the while giving glory and honor to the one who has so graciously poured his Spirit into your life. Please, never hide those gifts; keep letting the world know how wonderful and marvelous our God really is.

  2. Hi, I entitled my blog post for today “Thank You, Pastor Ron.” You may want to visit it, it is my way of sharing my appreciation for you with my other blog friends.

  3. I,too, get tremendous encouragement from Crown of Beauty’s blog. Her wisdom amazes me. She certainly deserves to have her blog as the feature of the week.

    • Deb,
      First of all, thank you for visiting this little slice of the net; your comments are most welcome. Just glancing at your bio makes me want to say I enjoy chocolate, too.

      Yes, Lidia deserves her place on my blog; she is an amazing woman of God. I wish my blog had more exposure so those featured would get the same.

      Come again and bring friends with you.

  4. Hi, Pastor Ron,
    I found you from my friend, Lidj’s blog. I love her heart and am thankful to see that you have featured her. She is my kindred heart sister.

    I’ve enjoyed my visit here.


    • Julie, it’s good to have you here visiting my little slice of the net. Yes, Lidia is a wonderful woman of God and is deserving of the accolades she was given here. Thank you for commenting; you are welcome to come again as often as you want. Bring friends.

  5. Thank you for featuring Lidia’s blog! She never fails to encourage and share a heart of joy and gratefulness.

    I appreciate both of you and have gleaned and gained so much from getting a glimpse of your hearts and spirits through your blogs! Thank you!!

    In Him, Linda

    • Linda, you are so right about Lidia’s blog. She is not only a wonderful person, her posts are always encouraging and uplifting. She and your husband share a common interest in photography. Be blessed.

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