This Week’s Featured Blog – Onemom

In Featured Blogs, The Pastor's Blog on July 13, 2009 at 3:28 PM

First of all. let me say “sorry” for not posting this last night as I normally would have done. Yours truly has been feeling quite a bit under the weather, and seems to be worse today. I will get better and move on by the grace and power of God.

Kerry at onemom is quite an interesting person who writes on a variety of subjects. She is passionate about her family, politics and just causes. Kerry is a fine Christian woman and does not hide the fact; for that I am grateful. She also writes from a conservative perspective which is most refreshing.

Please check her blog out and see what I mean. You can spend a lot of time looking through the subject matter on her site, and will be touched by her great stories and passion for what is good, right and decent.

  1. I am most humbled.

  2. One Mom certainly deserves to be featured. Her blog was one of the first ones I discovered when I started supporting Mike Huckabee in 2007 and I have never regretted reading what she has to say.

  3. An amazing part of blogging has been the meeting of more family members like you guys …. my brothers in Christ. Without blogging, it is likely we would not have met until Heaven. I am so encouraged and uplifted in the fellowship that has developed just because I decided to write about Mike Huckabee (Larry, last week it had been two years since my first post!).

    Technology is so cool!

    • Yes, I feel the same way. Blogging is a great tool for meeting and keeping in touch with friends and sharing ideas. I’m so glad I started writing on electronic paper.

  4. Onemom is one of my all time favorite blogs–truly thoughtful in all of her perspectives, a great writer, an excellent Christian mom. 🙂

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