Some New Bibles

In A Christian Life, Bibles, The Pastor's Blog on June 19, 2009 at 1:20 AM

While at the Florida Campmeeting last week, I found some great bargains at the bookstore, and would like to share them with you. One of the joys of each campmeeting is fellowship to be had as people gather around the book tables and other booths which are set up inside the tabernacle. There is plenty to see, and much to browse through.

Along with the Pathway Press bookstore, various ministries are represented, giving attendees valuable information about programs and opportunities for involvement. Some of the booths deal with missions, women’s ministries, feeding programs, media and evangelism. There is an excitement as people gather around these booths to exchange information and ideas.

This year I found a burgundy Thompson Chain bible bound in Morocco leather – 502BG. Looking on the inside, I noticed the bible was produced in 1988, so it has been on the shelf for a long time. The box looked like it was run over by a truck, but the bible is in pristine condition. It’s a little bit larger than my old Thompson Chain which was given to me in 1977 by the people of the church where I came to Christ as Savior. Bethel Full Gospel Church in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, maintains a special place in my heart to this day.

Another find was a Nelson hand-bound premium calfskin leather NKJV UltraSlim bible. I got a red/black and a solid black edition. These are well-made bibles similar to the Signature Series, but not close to being as polished. There’s nothing like the soft cover of a Nelson Signature Series; these two just don’t make the grade, but should be good for daily use for a long time to come.

There’s nothing at the bookstore that quite compares to either my R. L. Allan and Sons Chocolate Brown or Tan ESV1 editions, but these three bibles were great deals and will definitely be used. Who knows, they might end up as gifts, which would be a great use for them. I want them to be used – bibles aren’t much good if they just lie around gathering dust.

  1. I’m still loving my tan Allan ESV. It’s amazing how nice it is to read everyday. Now that you turned me on to these quality Bibles, I’m working with the wife for her to pick the version she wants. Now that I gave her some history on how the KJV was translated, she’s ready to try a more modern Bible. She seems to be leaning towards the NLT and NASB. I’ve found quality versions of both from Bertrand’s site to order once she makes up her mind. If any book is worthy of such dressing and quality, it is the Bible and what I consider my most important possession.

    • Glad to hear that, Bugz. I’m sure your wife will enjoy either version. I still love my KJV, and use it often. In fact, the new Thompson Chain I bought is already getting some use; it’s great for study.

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