Do Liberals Really Love Our Country?

In Family, Politics, The Pastor's Blog on May 28, 2009 at 12:16 AM

While driving along in our car last week, my wife and I struck up a conversation about politics and our country. If memory serves correctly, we were listening to Glenn Beck at the time, so that might be what got us stirred up about the subject. Whatever got us started did not cause us to come to any particular fact-based conclusions, just observations that are probably true, nonetheless.

I call to mind a time when former Senator Hillary Clinton protested loudly about the fact she was tired of people who disagreed with the Bush administration being characterized as somehow not patriotic. Disagree, yes, but in a civil manner and with respect!

I Am Sick And Tired – Hillary Clinton

When I was in the military, I was taught to show respect to my superiors. We may not always agree with them, but we must show respect. Have you ever noticed those on the left by the score are so disrespectful of people who do not share their opinions? Have you ever noticed how our current president goes on incessantly about the former administration causing all the problems we now face?

A conclusion my wife and I came to is simply this: the liberals really don’t love our country; they just love the freedoms they have been afforded by the blood and sacrifices of others. They love the freedom to take advantage of the weak and powerless. They love government handouts. They love power. Many love the freedom to live their lives apart from a godly moral code while mocking and degrading those who live their lives in order to honor and respect God.

Many liberals want the government to invade every area of our lives and offer us everything we need to sustain life. “From the cradle to the grave” is the motto of many on the left. I say let the government stay out of the affairs of Americans to a much greater extent.

What do you think? What is your opinion on the matter?

  1. On the point that government needs to be much smaller and out of our lives, I agree.

    To the statement “liberals don’t really love our country” is too broad and too lopsided. You can’t throw all liberals into that barrel anymore than you can say that all conservatives are moral, law-abiding citizens. There is plenty of hate speech pouring forth from conservatives as well.

    Liberal or conservative, I see a nation that is moving farther and farther away from what they really need: Jesus Christ.

    • Kerry,
      Yes, it seems the nation is moving further away from its real need – to confess our sins and fall on our faces before God, pleading for his mercy.

      I agree about hate speech coming from both sides, but I still stick to my original statement. I have seen plenty of attitude coming from the right, but look at the premise of the post for a moment. Have you ever seen such vicious attacks on principles our founding fathers espoused as you see now?

      You are correct about the statement you referenced being broad; I did attempt to list some of the things they do love. Taken as a whole, I still believe liberals love the benefits, but I’m not convinced they love the country. By their very nature, they want to change our country into something many of us won’t recognize. Liberals want more government, not less, and believe many of the things our overly liberal president believes.

      I do appreciate your perspective and comments; thanks for sharing your views.

  2. From some of the comments I have heard liberals make, I would contend that most of them do not really love the United States, at least not in the way it was founded. As long as they can hold the reins of power, they are content, but boot them out and there seems to be nothing good to be said for our country.

  3. hi preacherpen and others,

    I’ll start by saying that I take politics to be a secondary – or even terciary – issue when compared to the primary issue of the Gospel. My sense is that anyone reading this would agree. So, I humble offer my opinions below to the contrary of what others have said.

    I do not think it is accurate to say that liberals don’t love our country. I think they do love our country, they just have a different definition of how the country should look. You may not agree with them on how the country should look, but I think that’s different than calling into question their patriotism.

    I am also of a different opinion in that I do not believe that America is a “Christian nation”. No one has outright said that, but I sense it as an underlying assumption to some of the comments here. Our history has had a number of important Chrisitans in it who have done wonderful things but I don’t agree that it is inherently “Christian”. If you go back to the founding of our country, many of founders were barely orthodox by Christian standards – most conforming to the Deism popular in the late Enlightenment (i.e., God created the world and we take care of the rest). You can read letters that Abigail Adams wrote to friends that state her rejection of the doctrine of the Trinity. My sense is that John Adams was not far from her in those beliefs. Thomas Jefferson was barely theistic, let alone Christian – and he’s considered the American father of conservatism!

    Those are my thoughts. I’m not ascribing myself as liberal or conservative (I tend to be a unorthodox conservative I think), but just saying lets be careful not to bare false witness against our neigbhors, even if they aren’t Christian.

    • Devin,
      First of all, thank you for visiting and sharing your heart on this interesting issue. I appreciate your comments and really liked what you wrote regarding the gospel as the primary issue. Well done.

      I believe liberalism is a big part of what is wrong with America. Its values are certainly at odds with a great deal of the country, let alone God’s eternal word. Let’s look at their ideas on abortion, same-sex marriage and government’s intrusion into every area of our lives.

      My goal is certainly not to dissuade you in your views by any stretch of the imagination.

  4. Devin,
    I will stand by my statement that liberals do no love our country in the way it was founded. It seems that every action they take is against the very principles our country was founded on. Some of this has to do with Christian principles, but a lot of it has to do with the way our country was actually set up. Take a look around and you will find where they are drastically changing the way our country into something it was not meant to be.

  5. Can we stop calling each other names and stop making incredibly incendiary statements to the effect that liberals hate America? So what’s the problem? The country is no longer the same as it was in 1789? That’s true. We now have a population of 300 millon rather than 12, and we no longer have slavery. We have grown from a strip of settlements along the Atlantic coast to a continent (and even ocean) spanning nation. We have transitioned from an agrarian to an industrial to a post industrial high technology society. Our demographic mix has changed over the last two hundred years, and continues to change to this day. We may have different opinions, and different backgrounds, but we are all Americans. We all cherish our liberty, broadly defined as the right to live our lives as we choose.

    How do you define liberal, anyway? Anyone who disagrees with you on some particular moral code or belief? With the exception of abortion, none of the hot-button issues typically used to define “liberal” actually affect any person other than the one holding that point of view. As for government intrusion due to social policy, let me just say that it is not a requirement that the young, the old, the poor, the sick, and the powerless must suffer in order for our society to function. You may find your neighbor’s views mistaken, or even odious, but that does not mean that he (or she) loves America any less than you do. Demonizing people who disagree with you in how they conduct their personal lives or on various social policies by saying that those who advocate such conduct or policies don’t love America and get a free ride from the people who bled for our freedom is both ludicrous and wrong. I have news – we are all Americans, and we have all bled for our freedom. We need to spend less time attaching inflammatory labels and calling each other names, and more time working together to solve the problems that confront us all.

    • Steven,
      Thanks for your comments on this matter. Let me just get right to the point, and that is simply the fact no one here, including those who have left comments, has said liberals hate the country. There is a big difference between hating the country and not loving it. There are certain animals I don’t love and want to be around, but that does not mean I hate them. Please don’t characterize this post as stating I believe liberals hate America, although I still believe they really don’t love America. World of difference, IMHO.

      Our duly elected president, with whom I disagree on a number of issues, is steadily leading our country down a path she was never intended to go. He’s making decisions which don’t appear to be in the nation’s best interest; the American people are now shareholders in many failing companies, and there’s more on the way. Steven, from the looks of things, our country is headed down the road to socialism, and that’s not a good thing. Who’s doing the leading? The answer is the liberal left.

      As I already said, I don’t believe liberals actually hate the country, they just don’t love it. They like the benefits and what the country can give them. It’s all about having no rules or regulations, just do what you want and take what you can.

      • There is an interesting idea at the heart of your argument: If I understand you correctly, the opposite of love is not hate as I had supposed, but apathy, or at least a person’s lack of engagement with what should be his or her side of the relationship. Possibly a deep distinction, and applicable to a lot more areas of life than politics.


  6. I think you’re afraid of the wrong “ism”. We should worry less about creeping socialism due to nationalized health care and a lot more about galloping fascism as the government takes control of major industries and the banking sector. You seem to like Glenn Beck. Check out his program of April 1, 2009, entitled “Flirting with Fascism”. A transcript is available from Fox News at,2933,512218,00.html

    Government ownership of private industry, as opposed to the outright nationalization typical of socialism, is the very definition of corporate statism, which is a form of Fascism.

    Could you at least consider the possibility that people from all walks of life with all sorts of beliefs and opinions, do in fact love America, even as they work to change those aspects of aspects of society that they believe treat people unfairly? You of all people should be familiar with hating the sin (unequal access to voting rights, unequal access to health care, etc) while loving the sinner (the body politic that includes all of us). America is not great because we achieved perfection 220 years ago; America is great because the Constitution that was hammered out by the Founding Fathers 220 years ago binds us together and enables us to keep trying to improve things, as we deal with new times and new challenges.

    Having said that, government ownership of corporations and the banking industry that mediates the flow of commerce does seem a step too far. Better to let the affected businesses go bust and reorganize, while providing relief to the unemployed during the transition, than to gain ownership, putting unprecedented power in the hands of a few. Once politicians taste power, they never want to let it go. From my point of view, a temporary dole is better than a permanent diktat.

    • I will certainly agree all sorts of people love this great nation of ours. As my friend Larry already mentioned, though, many liberals are attempting to change the very framework of our society. Conservatives are often labeled as hate mongers if they disagree with the liberal-left agenda.

      Liberal judges are making policy from the bench, and our president even nominated a woman for Supreme Court Justice who believes it’s okay to do so. Many liberal judges are activists in nature and are part of the group I refer to in the post.

      I also concur with you about the threat of fascism in America. Glenn Beck is one of the people I watch and listen to. He is a voice of reason in these times, and is attempting to shed light on the inroads of liberalism and other “isms” into the very core of our society.

      Thank God for helping our founding fathers hammer out the constitution and other important documents relating to the governance of our country. My concern is liberalism destroying the concept of the God-inspired ideals which have helped shape this nation into what it is. I do not want liberalism to destroy it.

      You now have Obama appointees who believe international law trumps our own constitution. For all I know (and I don’t know for sure), Mr. Obama feels the same way. Look at some of the liberals in congress and senate and see how much venom spews out of their mouths on any given day. Friend, that’s not love in my book.

  7. I am so glad you did this post. Do liberals hate America? I don’t know. But what I can say is that I think those that embrace Obama’s ideology hate freedom. Freedom is the thing that keeps them from achieving their goals of breaking the middle class and destroying America. Freedom is what prevents them from carving America up and creating another section of the one world government system. Freedom is what allows America to be different, to stand on her own 2 feet, to defend herself, to persevere!

    I don’t know if it is America, per se, but what she stands for that drives liberals like Obama batty.

    Perhaps we should call it the Freedom Derangement Syndrome (FDS)!

    • Dominique, this is certainly an interesting topic. I believe you are right about those who embrace the president’s ideologies hating freedom. America is different than so many other countries, and we shouldn’t have to conform to what the liberal agenda wants to change us into.

      I don’t want the government controlling every aspect of our lives, and it seems that’s just the road the president and his ilk are wanting to take down. America needs to open her eyes, and do it soon!

      • I’m trying to track the story down so I can post on it but I heard it has been reported that Obama told his Hollywood supporters at a recent fundraiser, “they hadn’t seen anything yet….wink…wink!

        If true…that is frightening because I can only imagine how much worse it is going to get!

        • That’s certainly not good news if true. The policies he’s already implemented are a far stretch from the norm, don’t you think? He’s as liberal as they come, and we don’t need any more of his wreckage on display in front of the whole world.

          We must keep our eyes firmly fixed on the promises of God in these times; our fate is not in the hands of men but in the power of God. I firmly believe the Lord will help us through these tough times.

  8. The YouTube video you found has a subtle sense of humor, showing pics of Hillary, living up to her self-fulfilling declaration, that she is “sick and tired” – and so her pictures show.

    Respect is a major factor in any relationship, so is humility. Where these two and other related character traits are missing, we tread of enemy territory. And so, it does not leave us in limbo, trying to guess where people who have no foundation of respect, humility, consideration, godly wisdom, are coming from.

    The Bible says that the wisdom of this world is sensual, earthly, demonic. It is characterized by self-seeking, bitter envy and James 3:16 states it clearly, where such things exist, confusion and every evil thing are there.

    Contrast this with the wisdom that comes from above… its fruit is seen in the good conduct, works done in the meekness of wisdom. And the list in James 3:17 beautifully illustrates this wisdom – pure, peaceable, gentle, willing to yield, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy.


    Thank you for this thought provoking post, Pastor Ron. We really need to be in deep prayer for our leaders.

    I invite you once more to visit my May 30 and Jun 1 posts on the Global Day of Prayer, and the Jerusalem Global Feast.

    Blessings on your day! Just take heart, there are many intercessors in our nation praying for America. I am one of them.

    • Lidia,
      Once again you have shown great grace in your assessment of the post and writing your comments; for that I thank you.

      My heart aches for our nation; not only so, but other countries around the world whose people are hurting and without Christ in their lives. Oh, that God would send Holy Ghost revival to every nation, and people would heed the invitation to accept Christ as Savior!

      There seems to be such a hatred for America’s core values by those who live their lives on the left of center. When a nation forgets God, the Lord has every right to deal with that people how he wishes, according to the Word of God. I see those on the left wanting to change this country into a copy of other countries who have already been down the road we’re on right now, and I don’t want to go.

      Please continue to pray for our nation, that God would rule and reign as only he can. Be blessed.

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