The Can of Worms That Keeps On Giving

In Politics, The Pastor's Blog on May 16, 2009 at 9:37 AM

You know, it’s amazing what happens when people open a can of worms. Quite often, the can is best left unopened. In this case, I believe the lid was taken off out of pure hatred, and now there is a potential for untold damage. I have said all along House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a dangerous person and should not be in the position she holds.

In my opinion, this whole affair about interrogation methods and pictures of prisoners taken at prisons should never have been released to the public. Our enemies don’t need to know our business; some don’t remember what happened on 9/11, but in case you don’t remember, we were attacked by terrorists and approximately 3,000 people died because of it.

Is it just me, or does anyone else think there’s still too much finger pointing directed at the Bush administration. President Bush and his people are gone; it is time for the new president to take charge and quit making excuses for what happened before he moved in to the White House. He should make sure his democratic allies do the same. You know, I can imagine what our enemies are doing as they watch the left-wing media continually defend and cater to this very liberal president.

Speaker Pelosi is doing what she’s done for years, and that is stirring controversy and slinging mud. She has accused the CIA of lying to her and other members of congress. Unless you’ve been hiding in a cave without access to any news, you would know her picture has been plastered all over print and television for several weeks in regards to the “enhanced interrogation” techniques used by the CIA to extract critical, life-saving information from known terrorists. Greta Van Susteren’s show is just one of many covering this can of worms.

While listening to Rush Limbaugh yesterday, I was amused when he suggested the speaker resign. I agree. Though I usually don’t watch or read anything involving CNN, I did find this article about former Speaker Newt Gingrich’s call for an investigation regarding Speaker Pelosi. Here’s an article in the Weekly Standard questioning the left’s need to call the speaker to resign. Just one more will do: U.S. Rep. Steve King called for the speaker’s resignation during an interview on Fox News.

I have advocated the non-disclosure of our interrogation techniques all along, and knew this was a can of worms that should never have been opened. As it turns out, the can is producing more worms than necessary, and it is certainly taking our attention off more important issues. One good thing that might happen is the American people will finally wake up to see what the left-wing Democratic party is really like.

It would be good for our country if Speaker Pelosi would voluntarily step down; she is a dangerous woman who, in some regards, is more dangerous than the president. I really don’t think she has the country’s best interest in mind; rather, she is about politics and the democratic party staying in power.

  1. You have hit the nail squarely on the head with your assessment of Nancy Pelosi. She is a very dangerous individual who has no business being in the position she is in. If she were to have it her way, the entire Bush administration would be hauled into court, prosecuted, and thrown in jail for the actions they took while defending our country. I think we need to ask her whose side she is on.

    Good article, Ron.

    • Thanks, Larry. I just wanted to show what happens when a can of worms is opened. In the sense of this post, that is not a good thing; this is something which, I believe, will come back to bite her and quite possibly the entire Democratic party. My concern is, though, so many Americans see nothing wrong with her actions or anything the left-wing side of the Democratic party does. Enough! Let’s move on, but do so without Speaker Pelosi.

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