My First Girls Fastpitch Softball Game – Mount Dora Bible

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Okay, so I’m way behind the times and should have had scores of games under my belt by this time in life. Baseball and softball have never been my favorite sports to me and I’ve avoided watching them for many years. I would rather watch paint dry than watch either of those sports.

One of the members of the coffee club I’m part of happens to be the coach of the Mount Dora Bible Bulldogs girls softball team. In a conversation yesterday several of were talking about us supporting each other in what we do, and I thought it was time for me to show support for the coach. After getting details sorted out, I went on my daily routine.

I paid for the ticket and found the concession stand – aren’t you supposed to get something to eat at a softball game? I found a good seat and took care of the hot dogs, settling in for my very first fastpitch game. There were quite a few people in the stands, and there was a cool breeze blowing. This seemed to be the perfect setting for the evening’s festivities.

It’s a wonder to me the girls even had voices at the end of the game. I’ve never heard so much yelling and screaming! It was fun to watch those girls having so much fun. The team whose players were batting got to scream, yell and act like their voices needed to be heard in the next county. I was amused just watching them. Actually, that was just as much fun as watching the pitcher.

Thankfully, the game ended in 7 innings and coach’s team won. I believe the score was 6 to nothing. All the girls greeted each other in center field when the game was over. It was nice to see the sportsmanship exhibited by both teams.

Now, for some thought that came to me as I was sitting on the couch and watching some TV. First, the fans, coaches and players did not seem to be affected in the least by the affairs of the world which engulfs so many people. For a moment of time, the people at the game weren’t concerned about the state of the economy, swine flu or the war on terror. They were just happy to live in a country where freed still exists and we are allowed to watch a game in a public place.

In a crowd that size, you know there had to be people who hold different political and religious views. For a moment in time fans representing both schools could forget about trials and troubles which surely affect them. For a moment in time there was a sense of togetherness and friendship no matter what the score was at the end of the game.

Perhaps everyone in congress and the senate should take time out and go watch a girls fast pitch softball game. If they would do that, maybe they could quit bickering about petty differences and get to the business of taking care of our country.

I would love to see those same members of congress and senate meet somewhere in the middle of a room and form two lines; they would then do like athletes do after a game: walk by each other, shake hands and look forward to the next game. No one gets ridiculed for losing, and the winners don’t gloat over their victory.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

  1. I was at your blog yesterday and read about Mr. President… I know I should have been polite and left a comment, but all I really wanted to say was, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

    It seemed too small a comment, compared to the other comments I read… I was quite “overwhelmed” by all the man stuff! 🙂 I decided to come back and leave my teeny weeny comment anyway ( I don’t really like visiting other people’s blogs and then leaving just like that… the least I could say is ‘Hello, I was here!’

    Well, I’m glad there’s this nice write up about the fastpitch softball. Yes, it would be nice if we all for a change forgot all the walls that divide us, and enjoy one another for a change!

    Thanks for your posts!


    • Lidia,
      You are always welcome to leave your comments. You always write so beautifully and I love reading your comments. You’re right about the Mr. President post. I simply want those entrusted with our defense to be allowed the ability to do their jobs unfettered by fear of reprisals.

      I was hoping people would enjoy the softball post; it was fun to write. You know, there’s plenty of things common to so many of us, but people tend to focus on the negative rather than accentuate the positive.

  2. I haven’t been to a baseball game in about 5 years…it is always so much fun. What a great post!

    • Dominique,
      It was quite a treat for me. I had to call my wife during the game and tell her what was going on. It was near the end of the game when I made the call.

      Some of those girls were so little; I thought they were younger than what they really were. After talking with the coach today, I found out some of them were only fourteen, while a couple of them are getting ready for college. Those are some tough girls.

      One thing that really amazed me was how fast the pitcher could hurl that yellow ball. Pow! That’s what you would hear as the ball struck the catcher’s mitt.

  3. It sounds like you had a lot of fun at the softball game, maybe more than you expected to have. It’s good to be surprised like that.

    You make a good point about our politicians needing to work together. The only problem is that they are more concerned with their own future than they are about the future of the people they were elected to represent.

    • Yes, Larry, I did have fun at the game. Watching those girls was a hoot, to say the least. That is not to make fun of them, but to enjoy watching them enjoy themselves. Honestly, I could only understand a few of the words out of all the cheers they did while in their perspective dugouts.

      I thought the kids wouldn’t be able to talk after all their yelling and carrying on, but the coach tells me it’s not a problem. Youth! You have to love them.

  4. I have to agree with your initial comments about baseball. I have not enjoyed professional baseball since the Tigers won the world series in 1968. Mostly baseball at that level is incredibly boring and time consuming. Actually, most of the fun in professional sports has been lost over the last couple of decades.

    However, I discovered years ago that high school and college ball (baseball and softball) are exciting to watch in person.

    Now, regarding Congress meeting in the middle of the chamber and shaking hands like good sportsman …. that is really a fairy tale!

    Oh, about yelling and screaming. I lost my voice many times in junior and senior high school yelling at competitions. What might surprise you was these were band competitions (marching band and symphonic band). We were the best in the state of Michigan in both categories and my goodness we could make a lot of noise! Those were good days.

    • Kerry,
      Truer words were never spoken regarding professional sports. I watched an ESPN special within the last few years which dealt with this very subject. Some of the old players were interviewed and they mentioned how the game has changed. Where are those who play because they love the game? Now you have players who seemingly go out every Sunday merely looking for a pay check.

      Yes, the idea of congress and senate members actually getting along and working for the people does seem to be a joke. Another bad joke is having a president who actually does bring change and not business as usual. BTW, we don’t have one of those now.

      I can still hear those girls yelling and carrying on. Hilarious!

  5. Lidj said, “Yes, it would be nice if we all for a change forgot all the walls that divide us, and enjoy one another for a change!
    Thanks for your posts!”

    I have to say, “Yep, what she said.”

    I absolutely enjoyed this post, Preacher, and agree wholeheartedly with your ending statements about sportsmanship!

    • eb,
      The people who work in the congress and senate have their territories marked out and generally don’t want to acknowledge the other side even exists, unless it’s to point out deficiencies or worse. I’m so glad you enjoyed the post; it was meant to be less serious than some of my other posts. Thanks for the comments.

  6. Hi Pastor,
    I just had to comment on your story here. I got talked into coaching my daughter’s 9-10 softball team. What a fun, learning adventure it has been.

    Most of the kids give it their best and every one of them has fun along the way. No bickering or strife or judging, they just do their best and if they make a mistake, they quickly forget it and move on. Boy, if the church of Christ could just behave like these kids, our Lord would be back tomorrow for us…his glorious church!

    • Hello, Larry. Yes, the kids have a great time, but the poor guy (me) who happens to sit right between the two dugouts is going to have a headache by the time the game is over. It was fun, though. It would be nice if everyone could behave like the kids, just as you mentioned. What a wonderful world it would be.

  7. Great post! Thanks for bringing refreshment into my day! Btw, I didn’t realize you are in the Mt Dora area! We have family there and were visiting just 10 days ago! Beautiful town!

    I appreciate all your posts and find so much encouragement here!

    In Him, Linda

    • That makes us practically kin! Please, the next time you come down for a visit, let us know. Yes, it’s a beautiful town. Have you ever been here during the holiday season? The place is lit up like a Christmas tree; there’s not enough cool weather, though. I am so grateful you find encouragement in this little slice of the net.

  8. Yes! We were there during Christmas 2005, for a family wedding! Beautiful, photographic, and peaceful! will take you up on your offer! Blessings, Linda

  9. Hey Ron! I’m sorry I’ve been absent so long! I’ve been trying be judicial in my time … and unfortunately a lot of blog friends got lost in the dust. I’m trying to catch up on your posts now. Your description of the softball game is amusing. 🙂 And yes – the spirit of good sportsmanship is one that would be well learned in many walks of life.

    • Annie, the time thing is perfectly understandable. There were definitely some funny moments at the game and talking with the coach the next day added some perspective.

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