Five Most Popular Posts

In Bibles, Computing, The Pastor's Blog on April 17, 2009 at 8:06 AM

Just curious – what are your five most popular posts? I’m not referring to the most comments, just the top five posts hit-wise. Nothing scientific here at all; this idea comes from an observation on my own blog.

The subject matter on this blog is eclectic; there are topics that cover a variety of categories of interest to me, and, hopefully, you. They are:

  • Family
  • A Christian Life
  • Bibles
  • Computing
  • Goals
  • Politics
  • Sermons
  • Sports

This is at about 7:40 this morning. I’ll start the discussion.

  1. Simply Mepis Keeps Getting Better – This post was about Mepis Linux making improvements as it moved forward in the testing cycle.
  2. Simply Mepis 8 Is Looking Good – Another post about Simply Mepis in the beta testing cycle. Warren Woodford was doing a fine job.
  3. Linux – Is It For You? – This post is about the concept of the Linux operating system. Is it suitable for your needs? In all likelihood, the answer is a resounding “yes”, but there are some who just don’t even want to try. Sad, but true.
  4. Chocolate Brown Allan and Sons ESV1 Bible – This post is about probably one of the most well-made bibles on the planet. R. L. Allan and Sons crafts quality bibles in Glasgow, Scotland. There are a few pictures, but you have to hold one of these masterpieces to appreciate the craftsmanship.
  5. Simply Mepis 8 Is Finally Here – This post is about Mepis 8 going gold and my experiences installing it on my computers. I must say, this version is rock solid and a breeze to set up. You should give it a try.

Now, lets get the fingers typing and share your most popular posts.

  1. These are my top 5 most visited posts. Let’s see if I get these links to work:

    Nancy Pelosi Meet the Press This was following Nancy Pelosi’s bizarre interview on NBC where she claimed the Catholic Church doesn’t really know when life begins and other strange statements.

    Huckabee and Homeschoolers I had an opportunity to talk with Gov. Huckabee about some controversy surrounding homeschooling in Arkansas (there was a group saying he hurt homeschooling, which is not true), and appreciated his time and his answer. The “other side” continues to dog him about this though.

    Obama: US not a Christian Nation This post was just last week, and went viral, primarily because of people who only read the headline or focused on a passing comment about the founding fathers instead of the premise of the post. Actually, it was disappointing to me that so many people missed the point of this post.

    My Visit with Mike Huckabee This remains one of the top 5 most visited posts on my blog, and my favorite of my 1000+ posts. It was an incredible opportunity for me to have the opportunity to meet and interview Gov. Huckabee in person.

    Alaska Governor Gives Birth to 5th child Most people view this as a political post, but in reality it is a pro-life post and informational in letting people know how many babies with down syndrome are being murdered in the womb.

    • Larry and Kerry,
      Thank you both for commenting about your top posts. I’ve read most of them, but readily admit not all. There’s some reading to be done now. I was beginning to wonder if anyone would be brave enough to leave comments, and you two did. I appreciate your answers.

  2. Ron – most of my top posts were probably written before you started visiting my blog.

    • Kerry,
      You’ve been blogging far longer than me. Your recent milestone 1000th post is really something to be pleased with. You certainly write well; it’s always good to visit your blog.

  3. Yes, Kerry always seems to hit the heart of the issue, no matter what she writes about. She is one of the first blogs I found that supported Mike Huckabee and I have enjoyed going back ever since.

    • Larry,
      One of the most important discoveries about blogging is the friendships we can build with people we never see face to face. You and Kerry are two of my favorites. There are others, too, who mean so much to me as they write about what interests them.

  4. Ok, I’ll try to participate here. But I don’t get a lot of traffic.

    I was surprised by number one. That was my version of a “fluff piece” because I pretty much at nothing else that day:

    1. My Church
    2. The Declaration of Independence
    3. TEA Party – Revisited
    4. Good Friday
    5. I Don’t Care Who You Are This Is Funny

    • Thanks, AJs_Dad. This little post is my small attempt to get others looking at posts they might not have seen. I think it’s important for all of us to both visit other blogs, but to leave meaningful comments. I’ve got some reading to take care of!

  5. Great insight and may you continue serving the Lord!

    Can I add you up in my blogroll?

    God bless you.

    Ronnie de lara

    • Ronnie,
      Thanks for dropping by today and leaving your comments. What is the address of your blog? You are welcome here any time. Yes, it would be an honor for you to add my name; I will do the same here.

  6. Here are my top posts:

    1. Garofalo: MY rebuttal. – my rebuttal to the interview of Ms. Garofalo on MSNBC.
    2. the PRINCIPLE of RIGHT and WRONG… Our current situations is not about political affiliation but about what’s right and wrong.
    3. Oops! It’s not SOCIALISM. its TRANSNATIONALISM! Huh?– Explaining the difference between socialism and transnationalism.
    4. The LESSON of Bob Basso…- What can be learned from the Bob Basso situation.
    5. FREE NRA membership! No Joke! – Information and application to sign up for free year with the NRA.

    What a great idea! I didn’t realize how my comments have increased over the last few months as well as my visits! That was so encouraging. And it gave me a better idea of what my audience seems to be interested in.

    Thanks for the ‘homework’!

    • Domonique,
      You are most welcome for the homework. Yes, I thought it would be a good exercise for anyone who wanted to take the time to do a little “homework”; it would present some good insight, just as you discovered.

      Most disturbing on my end is my post about my chocolate brown ESV1 bible. The constant hits but so few comments; that amazes me to no end. It was certainly fun writing the post.

      I’ve read several of the ones you mentioned, but there’s more to read when I can. Thanks for participating. BTW, I fixed your links. If you want, I’ll show you how to take care of that little situation. Send me an e-mail.

  7. Sorry – I couldn’t figure out how to create the links here! sigh…

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