Porkology – Saying One Thing, Doing Another

In Politics, The Pastor's Blog on March 4, 2009 at 7:22 AM

You’ve all heard the old saying, “do as I say, not as I do.” Another saying is the title of this post, and we’ve all probably had some experience with it at some point in our lives.

While looking at news headlines this morning, I was struck with the idea Mr. Obama wants to cut wasteful spending. Well, that seems honorable enough, and would be an excellent idea. If he were to ask the average citizen how to accomplish such a task, he would get many brilliant ideas, and if he were to implement some of those ideas, he would surely meet his goals.

An article by Philip Elliott explains how the president is outlining a plan which is supposed to cut back on wasteful spending, and that it would save tens of billions of dollars. I’m quite certain that would be well received by Americans if the savings were spent on reducing the ever growing deficit the president keeps piling on.

President Obama’s  target seems to be how government contracts are awarded. He has a point, and Uncle Sam needs to take care how he spends taxpayer money. It’s not a bad thing to reign in out-of-control spending habits, but to say he will do that while allowing recent pork spending is preposterous.

My contention with this article is the hypocrisy exuding from Washington politics. On one hand, let’s fix government contracts, but this is after the president broke campaign promises not to approve pork spending. The last I checked, there was more pork coming out of the White House and congress than most people could possibly imagine.

What was it President Obama said while making speeches to easily-swayed Americans: “And when I’m president, I will go line by line to make sure that we are not spending money unwisely?” Do you see the hypocrisy I’m referring to?

The new spending bill, $410 billion worth, has 9,000 earmarks totaling $5 billion. I don’t care what anyone says, that’s a lot of pork. According to this article, there are some ridiculous earmarks, and I quote:

So far the new bill includes a $5.8 million earmark for an endowment and building for the Ted Kennedy Institute for the Senate, $1.5 million to study seals at a scandal-ridden Alaska sea life center, nearly half a million dollars for the extremist Mexican group National Council of La Raza and $200,000 for a tattoo removal program.

I don’t see any pork reform going on, despite Mr. Obama’s rhetoric to the contrary. Let’s face the facts – Uncle Sam spends way too much money on useless projects and government contracts. I’ve said this before, but one way to save loads of money is to pay members of congress and the senate what they are actually worth. If that were to happen, the majority of them would be writing checks each month from their own pockets, having to pay for the privilege of taking up space in Washington.

One more thing: wouldn’t it be a nice touch if the president would quit blaming the economy on the former administration and just get to work fixing what is in play right now? That would be wonderful.

  1. Well done, Ron. Another saying is the pot calling the kettle black. President Obama needs to understand that he can not have it both ways. He has a chance to do some real good in Washington, but he seems to be interested only in pushing his own agenda and not that of the American people.

    • Larry, like you, I want to be able to give credit where it’s due, and did mention in the post how good it would be to cut government spending. You’re absolutely right in that he can’t have it both ways. There’s just so many things wrong with government spending which has gone out of control.

  2. Like a parent that says, “do as I say and not as I do.” Children quickly recognize the hypocrisy and ignore what the parent has to say. Actions speak louder than words. But then Obama lied and manipulated his way into office, seducing people with empty words preying on the weak that have no spiritual foundation. The only thing that gives us any protection is that Obama still has to worry about trying to put in place too much of his agenda and weakening support as Americans start to wake up. That is all those Americans that like to have their ears tickled and to emotionally feel good absent actual substance and truth.

    The truly sad thing about Obama’s presidency is going to be all the lives scarred through abortion funding, and all the damage to families he is promising to take care of through bigger government. And to the rest of us Americans that work hard and try to have a better life, who in the end will pay for all of Obama’s failed socialist programs and irresponsible expenditures.

  3. Ron, I would be THRILLED if he would stop prefacing every statement with “I inherited this crisis …”. Last I checked, he, Clinton, Pelosi, Biden, etc etc etc …. were all in office (some much longer than the “last administration), and the dems had control has of 2006, so why didn’t they put the breaks on this run away train? Tired of all of them.

    • You know, onemom, it’s sickening to hear a constant barrage of “it would all be different if not for the last eight years of the Bush administration.” I am definitely with you on this one. Why not let the American people hear “we have a problem, and I have confidence we can move forward in the American people’s best interest?” The answer is, it is not politically expedient to do that sort of thing. Politics make my head swim!

  4. PS – thanks for writing something in English, as I have no idea what a “mepis” is. When you and Larry start talking about such things, I go hide under a table.


    • Understood, onemom. Mepis is simply a computer operating system, similar in concept with what you likely have on your computer, but better in more ways than this comment could possibly address. If you look through my posts on Mepis, you will be able to see some practical uses I have outlined. Larry and I would never harm you in any way, so it’s safe to come out from the table to talk about Linux. I’ve been using it for about six years and have no reason to go back to the Microsoft prison.

  5. Ron,
    Wouldn’t you agree that One Mom needs to come out from under the table and broaden her education? No problem at all for her to learn what “mepis” means. 😉

    • Agreed. BTW, there’s little pork in Linux, unlike another OS we are aware of. Com on, One Mom, it will be good for you to leave the M$ world behind and move into the freedom of Linux.

  6. Still under the table here guys! Actually, I am usually on my MAC computer except when I’m using my husband’s laptop (IBM). I have to keep up on how to use a window’s based computer because I do all of my husband’s IT work for him. I’ve read some of Larry’s stuff on Linux, but I’m worried that I would kill the laptop venturing into the world of the unknown OS!

    Hey, at least I’m using GIMP and Open Office and not paying MS for Word, Powerpoint, etc or for Photoshop (which I’ve never owned …. I like GIMP).

    • You make me proud, One Mom. You’re using a Mac, which is a cousin to Linux, in a way. I’ve said this before, but don’t know how true it really is: “a Mac is nothing more than Unix with a pretty face.”

      As far as the laptop goes, you could always set it up to dual-boot. Both my desktop and laptop are that way, but I rarely ever boot into Windows; there’s really no need for it. My laptop is about 1 1/2 years old, and I’ve probably only booted into Vista 4 times tops.

      Congratulations on using open source software. I have four Windows programs on my Linux desktop, and everything else is native Linux – open source. BTW, have you read my posts regarding my iPod Classic? Pretty interesting stuff.

      This is quite a good discussion, but miles away from Porkology. On second thought, there’s so much bloat and pork in Windows – perhaps this is the right place! 🙂

  7. Now that wasn’t so bad, was it Kerry? You have have the battle won already by using Gimp and Open Office. Don’t worry about the laptop, it can take it.

  8. (sorry for changing the topic of your post Ron).

    “Dual-boot”? OK, I’m going back under the table and staying there! I’ve heard about partitioning and stuff like that, but have no clue how to do it without trashing Allan’s computer! Oh my! I need chocolate.

    • No problem. As I said, Windows is full of pork, and Vista claims one thing and does another – right on topic! With Simply Mepis, it’s easy as pie.

      Now, when you say chocolate, are you referring to this or this? I like them both, but the former is better for me.

  9. True, the first chocolate has much more eternal value, but oh the other one is so yummy.

  10. onemom wrote: “PS – thanks for writing something in English, as I have no idea what a “mepis” is. When you and Larry start talking about such things, I go hide under a table.”

    lol! You’re not alone Onemom, it’s all jibberish to me also. 😉

    • EB, say it ain’t so. (Please don’t tell my wife the word “ain’t” didn’t get used in one of my sentences.) I taught your husband about Linux, but he must not have passed the information along to you. Now, you must repeat these words after me: “I will use Mepis, I will use Mepis, I will use Mepis.” Isn’t that better? Don’t you want to get rid of Windows now?

      On to the matter at hand: I just don’t want the president to keep spending money like he is. He should quit flying all over the country trying to sell this ridiculous, pork-laden product to the American people.

  11. Ron,
    I think we need to a “coming out from under the table” party. We may convert them yet. On another note, guess what I am typing this comment on. A friend of mine gave me a laptop that had a bad hard drive and once I installed a new drive, I installed that operating system you keep talking about. Let’s see now, what was it called? Oh that’s right, Mepis is it’s name. LOL!

    I decided to load it on the laptop, instead of sidux and so far, I really like it. I may do a backup of my main system and install it there later today. Not sure yet.

    • Well, that seems to be the correct course of action at the moment. A “coming out from under the table” has lots of potential; perhaps we could convert lots of people to Linux, freeing them from the M$ shackles.

      That’s great about your friend giving you a laptop which is not happily running Mepis. Remember, there’s loads of information on the MEPISlovers forums if you get in a bind. I won’t got back to the cloud of Windows computing.

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