Enough is Enough

In Politics on January 29, 2009 at 7:44 PM

Let me just say something from the outset of this post many of you will understand. I have had it up to the top of my head with all the attention given to our new president. It’s everywhere. You can’t go through a checkout lane at a store without seeing the president and his wife splattered all over the magazine covers. It’s bad enough our media got the most radical left-leaning senator in history elected to the highest office in our land, we have to endure a constant barrage of “see what we did” as we live our lives in the greatest country in the world.

In an article dated January 26, 2009, Michael Novak of National Review Online, outlines some of the president’s first acts as president. My thinking is this: if he’s shown little regard for human life in the first week, what will his presidency bring in the coming years? Those of you who voted for this man ought to be ashamed of yourselves. He will do more to damage the moral fabric of our already reeling society than you can possibly imagine.

From Mr. Novak’s article, we learn the following:

  • On January 20, President Obama called for the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act. He also declared his intention to give multiple rights and privileges to homosexual couples.
  • On January 22, he issued an order announcing his intention to close the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay within one year, but admits he has not figured out how to do that. President Bush had expressed a similar wish, but could find no nations willing to take responsibility for the detainees.
  • On January 23, President Obama issued an order that authorizes tax dollars for abortions abroad.

I believe the president understands how influential conservative talk radio can be, and he called out one its most important voices a few days ago. “You can’t just listen to Rush Limbaugh and get things done” is what he told top GOP leaders recently as they met with him to discuss his nearly $1 trillion dollar stimulus package. Of course, the White House defended the remark by saying he was making a bigger point: not to let partisan politics derail the work that’s going on.

There is nothing new in this post that hasn’t already been written about. My friend Larry Jackson from My Take has written several informative posts about President Obama’s policies. Larry’s accumen for political matters far exceeds mine, without a doubt. In this post, he describes the president’s clear break from President Bush’s policies, and gives proof what many clear-thinking conservatives have known all along.

I would like to know how long America is willing to put up with the president’s radical agenda. How long will the media’s love affair with Mr. Obama last? Will he be given a pass on every issue? There’s no doubt we should pray for those who lead us, and we ought to show this president more respect than many on the left showed our former president.

People say, “give him a chance, he’s just walked into office.” Of course, either within the same sentence or shortly thereafter, we must hear “the last eight years have brought our country nothing but trouble.” Eight years, is that right? What about… No, there goes that liberal pass again.

  1. Ron,
    You and I both have said this over and over, even during the campaign as we blogged and campaigned against Obama. He talks so much about change and wants us to believe how moderate he is. I don’t buy that for one minute. I have tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, but it’s clear he has no intentions of doing anything but taking our country as far to the left as he possibly can.

    You know from some of my posts that I am no fan of Rush Limbaugh, but he said something yesterday that has stuck with me. He said Obama is a far left radical that has done his best to disguise what he really is by using moderate rhetoric. I agree whole heartedly with that statement.

    As we said during the campaign, the kind of change he wants to bring to our country is not the kind of change we need. Indeed, the change he speaks about is much greater than we can imagine. Time after time, I have been told we have nothing to fear from Obama, but I believe it is high time we started worrying about what the man is going to do to our country.

    • Amen, Brother Larry. I was going to write this post with the title “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing”, but decided against it at the last. I believe that’s exactly what he is, though. My prayer is that America will ultimately understand just what they have elected before it is too late. Some of his early decisions have been radical, and might possibly lead to disaster. Keep up the great work, Larry.

  2. Let’s keep it treal. Barack Obama is a liar. He claims to be Christian, but no follower of Christ would have his record on abortion. God detests hands that shed innocent blood, and while a state senator in Illinois Obama voted for live birth abortion twice and held up hearings afterwards. It wasn’t until he left for the U.S. Senate that reform was passed. Live birth abortion is where they induce labor in the second trimester and place the baby on a shelf to die. It’s even worse then this, as Obama supports partial birth abortion which is even more heinous, and has committed to signing legislation to repeal all the state reforms on abortion. The United States is in trouble on this one front, as we are a nation sacrificing our children to Molek, and we have the Old Testament to teach us how God deals with such people. Of course we can pray that Obama repents and truly becomes born again, as well as praying for all the Americans led astray with the tickling of their ears by Obama’s deceitful speech.

    • In his first weeks of office, Mr. Obama has made some radical decisions, but we should not be the least bit surprised. He is keeping his campaign promises, but shouldn’t for the sake of our great nation. Yes, his stance alone on abortion should have been enough to keep from voting his way; you wonder about people’s ideals. This is a left-leaning president who has his mind set on taking our nation down a road we shouldn’t travel. Yes, we should pray for those who rule over us, as the scriptures teach. It is possible he will have a change of heart – I still believe in miracles.

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