No More Christmas Plays – PC Gone Mad!

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My wife and I just got home a few minutes ago after seeing our granddaughter’s 5th grade Christmas program. Wait a minute, that’s not exactly right. We saw our granddaughter’s holiday program. Mind you, both the director and kids did an exceptional job, and should be commended for all the hard work they put into the program. Here is where political correctness has gone completely mad, and I don’t think it’s right. Did I mention the fact they all did a phenomenal job?

After the program, my wife signed up to purchase one of the DVDs which will be made available in a day or so; we can hardly wait to get our hands on it so we can watch in a more comfortable environment. We’re old and need to be able to sit on the couch and not a hard bench. The old part was a joke, as I’m really not old.

I got to talk with Mrs. Band Director for a few minutes, and passed along our delight in the program. After a short while, I could no longer contain myself, and made my observation clear. “Political correctness has ruined this country,” was my reply. I bemoaned the fact I heard very little about “Christmas” in what I thought was supposed to be a Christmas program. Mrs. Band Director informed me the school is not allowed to have a Christmas program and that only a holiday program is permissible. Now, I know things are pretty bad, but this is just too much.

What was the excuse? “There are lots of different faiths attending the school, and we don’t want to offend anyone,” was the answer I was given. Oh, my! We have certainly fallen a long way from the tree, IMHO. Without trying to be insensitive, I believe it would be easy to do just that right about now. We are never going to please everyone, and if someone is offended by the words “Christmas program”, then perhaps they need to find another place to live. At the very least, be tolerant of the vast majority of Americans who claim to want a Christmas program.

Political correctness waters down reality. In other words, in order to be all things to everyone and make sure no one is left out, Christmas programs have been replaced with holiday programs. The janitor in the school is no longer called by that name. They are now “sanitation engineers.” Political correctness dictates teachers can no longer use red as a means of indicating an incorrect response on a test; a different color has to be used so the child won’t feel so bad.

Bottom line is this: if you are offended by having a Christmas program, then stay at home during the night of the presentation. The handful of people should in way dictate the name and tenor of the Christmas program. Political correctness has certainly gone overboard, and should be buried. Please, let the children and parents enjoy a Christmas program.

  1. The bottom line is this. The Christians who enjoy Christmas have to take a back seat to all other religions and faiths because their beliefs and traditions about Christmas may offend someone from the other faiths. It’s simply ridiculous because the only faith that seems to have that restriction is Christianity.

    • Exactly right. It doesn’t seem to matter at all if the Christians might be offended at the exclusion of Christmas. Another one that gets me is the “holiday tree” at the capital. No, it’s a Christmas tree! It’s absurd to the max.

    • No, Larry, I had not seen the article until you pointed it out. That’s pretty sad to me. It seems the world caves in to certain religious faiths, while pushing Christians to the back of the bus. Scriptures are clear regarding this behavior, though. Another thing is the fact prisoners seem to have quite a powerful voice, unless the prisoners happen to be Christian. Pitiful!

    • Thanks, Larry; you’re a good friend.

  2. Have you seen this article? I was thinking about writing something about it, but I think you may be better suited to do it. See what you think.

  3. […] to tell it was even about Christmas or the real reason for the season. Evidently, there are to be No More Christmas Plays – PC Gone Mad: I got to talk with Mrs. Band Director for a few minutes, and passed along our delight in the […]

  4. Ron,
    Just so you know, I have put your article on Stumbleupon. Hopefully, you will get a lot of hits from it.

  5. Hello, Annie. Good to see you here again. Yes, it was kind of sad to see the kids’ talent and for the school to not allow a “Christmas Play.” I’m telling you, our world needs help, and we Christians need to stand up for what’s right. May you have a very Merry Christmas.

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