It’s Official – America Has Lost Her Moral Compass

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My wife and I went to the polling station about mid-morning today and was greeted with hardly any line at all. There may have been four other people exercising their right to vote; many had already come and gone by the time we got there. Some of the voting staff informed us the long lines had already come and gone.

I’ve wrestled with this post for a while now, and will continue writing as the night wears on. There is no definitive answer yet, but many of the news commentators have already thrown the towel in Senator Obama’s direction, and have concluded he has essentially won. There is still hope America will do the right thing and rally for a better man with better ideas – Senator John McCain.

In many ways the situation in America reminds me of how the prophet Jeremiah must have seen his beloved nation as judgment loomed on the horizon. He was called the weeping prophet because he tearfully pleaded with his countrymen to turn from their wicked ways to follow the one true living God. In short, they refused to hear his words and obey the voice of the Lord. Jeremiah wept because he knew the wrath of God would soon follow, and many lives would be lost. The prophet begged the people to turn to God, and they refused. How sad it is when God calls and people refuse his outstretched arm.

Has America lost her moral compass? In so many ways she has, yet there is a hope in the mercy and grace of Almighty God. The Lord is still pleading with us to repent. It is my firm belief God is not through with this great nation of ours, but we must turn to God with all our hearts. In fact, the Word of God tells us in Joel 2:13 “And rend your heart, and not your garments, and turn unto the Lord your God: for he is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and of great kindness, and repenteth him of the evil.”

We are living in a day like never before; it is a day our fathers and forefathers never dreamed of. Many of the things righteous people used to call good are now called bad and out of touch with reality. Many of the things conservative people used to call wicked are now taken as normal and just “the way it is.” We have lost our moral compass when God’s righteousness is so lightly esteemed to the point it is ridiculed and mocked in a nation that used to honor those same values. Isaiah 5:20 declares “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”

Just a moment ago, proof of my assertion was officially announced – the most left-leaning senator in history has been elected with the help of the mainstream media and misguided American people. Yes, America has officially lost her moral compass, and now we face a time in our nation’s brief history like none other. Remember, you get what you pay for, and I’m afraid we will not like what we get.

It is my firm belief we would be looking at different results had the mainstream media done their jobs instead of purposefully influencing this election. As one of the commentators said tonight, one thing Governor Palin did was to invigorate the media’s ability to do investigative reporting. They are still trying to dig up dirt. How sad it is when McCain/Palin were faced with such an unfair disadvantage.

Some have suggested if you don’t agree with Senator Obama then there is obviously a racial slant to your argument. That is not necessarily so. Many rational people don’t like the Illinois senator simply because his ideas and left-leaning agenda are so vastly different than the Christian principles on which this nation was formed; it has nothing to do with his race. He is a socialist who really does not love our country and has done and said anything necessary just to get elected to the highest office in the land.

Sadly, America has drifted to the left of center and the proof is in the pudding. How is our once powerful and respected nation supposed to hold her head up when the people have chosen to kick God out and elect a man whose ideas and ideology are so diametrically opposed to the laws of God? It’s as if America just said “we don’t care what’s right, we just want what we want, and don’t care about the consequences.” In other words, “we don’t want to have to hold our heads up, we want to be like everyone else and do what we want. We don’t want morality and rational thinking to guide us.” America, we’re better than what we just did!

What perplexes me most is the number of people who name Christ as their savior and still cast their ballots for the Obama/Biden ticket. Honestly, that is amazing, to say the least. How can you in good conscience vote for a man who cares so little about the lives of unborn babies? How do you vote for a man who wants to bankrupt families whose lives depend on wages earned from the coal industry? How can you vote for a man whose life has been so heavily influenced by people who don’t love this great nation? How could you cast your ballot for a man who wants to take money away from those who worked so hard to obtain it in order to give it to those who haven’t? How can you vote for a man who cares so little for our friends and allies, the nation of Israel? Was there no thinking or reasoning done?

I could go on for pages, but this is enough for now. America, I am so disappointed in you, yet there is still hope that shines brighter than the noon sun or stars in the night sky. Our hope cannot rest in man; it must rest in the love, grace and mercy of our loving heavenly Father – Almighty God. Many will now look to government like never before to solve life’s complex problems, but government can never take the place of a genuine relationship with God.

Like never before, it is high time Christians awake out of sleep in order to proclaim the cause of Christ to a lost and dying world. Our clarion call ought to be, “awake, awake and repent before God!” The Bible tells us in Psalms 20:7 “Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the Lord our God.” Christians, arise and pray like never before. Ask God for grace and mercy in these perilous times.

America, arise and through God’s mercy, let us work together to once again find our moral compass. Let us call on God for a revival which will sweep the land and bring a real change to the hearts of the people of this great nation.

Last minute edit: My wife just gave me her take on what has happened, and I would like to share her thoughts with you. She said “America has just done what Dr. Martin Luther King did not want. We chose a president by the color of his skin instead of the content of his character.” You know, that seems about right to me.

  1. “we don’t want to have to hold our heads up, we want to be like everyone else and do what we want. We don’t want morality and rational thinking to guide us.”

    IMHO Ron, we have been screaming this cry since at least the 80s. Probably longer but I was not paying attention prior to then. We are a consumerism-driven society. We choose “right” only when the economy is ok and then only by the narrowest of margins… almost grudgingly.

  2. Good observations, ric. I like what you wrote about choosing “right” only when the economy is going well. America is so different than the country my grandparents and parents grew up in. This is sad.

  3. Wow, your wife’s thoughts are on point. Hadn’t looked at it like that. Concerning this … I will not be moved. It will now be more important than ever that we as Christians exercise our right to influence the politics of this nation and get off our bums and DO something. The Church is waking up, but it could do with a bucket of cold water. I think we got it. WAKE UP!

  4. Annie, many like me have been saying Wake Up, America! for a long time, but it has gone unheeded for the most part. America can once again be a great nation if we put our trust in the only one who can help – our heavenly Father.

  5. In respect to the “racist” card, I find it interesting that we are deemed racist if we do not agree with “The Pretender,” yet those who voted for him are just as guilty if not more so because they chose Obama over McCain because he WAS black.

    Unfortunately, there has been this kind of double standard throughout this election and I sense that it will continue under an Obama Presidency.

    Despite that, our hope is not in man, but in God who can work all things to good…

    Great post!

  6. He certainly is that, Dominique. That moniker, “The Pretender,” fits him quite nicely. He is a joke, but his presidency will not be a laughing matter.

  7. Pastor Ron,
    Thank you, thank you! Your post so accurately describes the tragedy that has happened here in the USA yesterday. My heart is aching as I hear the ticking of the clock of the coming judgment. Come quickly Lord Jesus!

  8. Larry, yesterday was certainly a defining point in our history, and I don’t like the point!Come quickly Lord Jesus indeed!

    There’s more to this man than we have seen up to this point. I know many will not understand that sentiment, but he is not to be trusted. our hope cannot be in man or government; it must be in the power of love of God.

    Thanks for dropping by, and come again. I know where to find you if I don’t see you here again. SM 8 is looking good, don’t you think?

  9. Dominique makes a fantastic point. I think there were those (certainly not all – most people voted on the issues as they saw them, I think) who voted for Obama simply because he was black. That is JUST as racist!! What, is it only racism if you’re degrading me? Because the last time I looked, it was considered racism if a white person voted, employed, or promoted a white person simply because they were white. Why is it different? Treating any person in any way simply because of their skin color is RACISM. This from the people who were screaming ‘racism’ at the other side.

    Okay. I’ll stop ranting.

  10. I was birthed and reared in the political womb of the religious right. I still agree with almost every one of the social goals set forth there. I agree with much of what you had to say, and America HAS lost her moral compass. We should pray for revival, and trust a sovereign God that one who loved us enough to die for us will not punish his own as one who hates us, but rather as one who seeks to draw the church (worry about the culture later!) back to a passionate relationship with Him.

    That said, the choice here was really between “evil” and “evil lite.” John McCain has been no champion of liberties, and bears the dubious distinction of sponsoring a bill (has his name) which was the first recorded LAW to deny the constitutional right of free speech (McCain Feingold). He interrupted campaigning to support the wasteful, ridiculous socialism of fed takeover of banks and financial institutions(they called it a bailout, but it is simply printing money to buy the failed banks, no matter what they call it).

    Was McCain better than Obama? Sure. But the difference was one of velocity, not direction.

    I never drink lite beer myself.

  11. jegnc, I am pleased you dropped by from the MEPISlover’s forum, and welcome to this little blog. You raised some thoughtful points, to which I wholeheartedly agree.

    That said, the choice here was really between “evil” and “evil lite.”

    Those are my sentiments, too. I never believed Senator McCain was the best choice, but I did believe and do believe, he is nowhere near as bad as the majority of Americans said. The majority just bought the most liberal, left-leaning Democrat we could imagine to fill the office of the president. IMHO, this is a very bad mistake on the part of the American public.

    My hope is not in man; rather, it is in the name of Jesus Christ, the eternal Son of God. I do not believe God will fail those who put their trust in Him. Come again.

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