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In E-Mail Tidbits, Politics, The Pastor's Blog on November 3, 2008 at 1:50 PM

With all the serious stuff we’ve seen on television and heard on the radio, I felt is was time to add a little levity to this blog. There is already way too much sadness going on in light of the way many Americans are speaking about this election. One vote for Illinois senator Obama is way too many, IMHO.

In an Augusta Chronicle cartoon by Rick McKee, Senator Obama is faced with his wacky, left-wing ideas, and doesn’t like what he sees. It’s good to take money from other people, but not so much when confronted with the idea he will have to share with others. Take a look.

That’s pretty funny to me, but shows just the kind of person we are dealing with. America, you need to wake up before it’s too late. Do you know the kind of person he is? If not, why would you even vote for him?

Someone gave me an e-mail last week, and I though it was hilarious, but sad at the same time. Look at the following commentary and picture, and see if it hits home with you.

I don’t know who should get the credit for the above e-mail, so please help me out. If you are the author, let me know and I will be sure to rectify the situation. Thanks.

  1. Oh my. Well, I agree with you politically. I don’t like spreading around the antagonism either. But the thought of his policies ruling the day in our nation – well, I’m just praying, I’ll say that. I’m most concerned with his stance toward Israel. Funny cartoons. 🙂

  2. Annie, thanks for the comment. Yes, and the Israelis should be concerned, too. Sis, there’s just too much about this man we don’t even know, but what we do know should make all of us be concerned.

  3. THAT is SO funny! And yet so true. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Rachel, there’s a lot of other cartoons at the Augusta Chronicle, too, but I think this one really hit the mark. Thanks for dropping by.

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