Southern Mailboxes

In The Pastor's Blog on October 19, 2008 at 4:07 PM

I just got another e-mail from a friend, and thought you might like to see what was in it. Mailboxes come in all shapes and sizes, and these certainly fit the bill. Perhaps you’ve seen some very similar ones, or maybe this is yours. In either case, these are shown for your viewing entertainment.

We’ve seen them in many more shapes than shown here. The one we have in front of the parsonage is just an ordinary black mailbox set on a wooden pole. I spent some time painting that pole in several coats of glossy white paint. It’s great to put streamers around during the Christmas season, which makes it look like a candy cane.

My personal favorite just happens to be the one you see in Florida.

What does your mailbox look like?

Southern Mailboxes

Only in SC !!

A Home Builder in Georgia !!

ONLY in Kentucky !!

Self explanatory !


Only in Alabama

  1. I think the gun one is funny. What creativity.

  2. DaRonn, thanks for not only dropping by, but also leaving a comment. Glad you’re here. Isn’t that the truth. I’ve often wanted one like the fish, but I haven’t been fishing in a very long time.

  3. […] really going nuts with your mailbox. There’s American flag, blue lady, camera, and even a big mouth bass. The sky’s the […]

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