Gator Football Looks Different

In Sports on September 27, 2008 at 2:39 PM



I know what you’re thinking, the Gators are winning and looking pretty good, and you’re absolutely right. Week after week they have been working steadily while on their way to another division title, then a third national title. It’s never an easy road, but I believe the Gators can manage the task again. It’s hard for any team to excel on both sides of the ball, but the Gators look like they have managed to do just that.

The South Eastern Conference (SEC) is a perennial powerhouse of schools who have the potential to become national title holders in any given year. As of this writing, there are six SEC teams in the top 25: Georgia (3), Florida (4), LSU (5), Alabama (8), Auburn (15) and Vanderbilt (21). That’s pretty impressive by anyone’s standards, don’t you think? Some would argue the SEC is the best conference in college football, and there seems to be a lot evidence in favor of that statement.

In order for the Gators to run the table, we’ll have to go through some pretty rough terrain. The Ole Miss Rebels come to The Swamp today, and that’s not going to be an easy game. There’s no doubt in my mind about the Gators winning, though. There is so much talent and drive in the SEC, that several of the teams could actually compete for the national title and win. This is one tough conference, so Florida has a lot of work in store before claiming the two titles: conference then national. It can be done, though.

For anyone interested, here’s the Gator schedule; you can see we’ve got a tough one. I would just about match our schedule with anyone’s in the country.

Here’s what’s so different this year: we have a good offense, and a good defense to supplement it. Another way to look at things is we have a complete package this year. I have heard many people bemoan the fact we’re not getting 50-60 points per game, and that’s certainly true. I would rather keep plugging away like we are than losing any games. Sure, it’s not quite as exciting as watching Tim Tebow put up ridiculously high numbers like last year, but what we’re doing can possible bring another championship to Titletown.

Our defense is looking good, and have done a superb job stopping the run this year. Teams just aren’t getting high numbers against this stingy defense, and that works in our favor. Special teams are playing at a high level, too.

When you put the whole package together, we have a very good team in all areas of the game. I know we look different compared to last year, but that’s perfectly alright with me. Keep winning like we have been, and it looks like we will upset the doubters. Different is not always a bad thing.

What do you think? Do the Gators look like they can bring another title home, or do you think they will fold during the season?

  1. After today’s loss to Ole Miss, I am not as confident as I was at the beginning of the season!

  2. Kenny, thanks for dropping by on this day when the best team in the country lost in the Swamp. I can understand losing to Auburn, but not to ‘Ole Miss. I stopped by your blog today, and have to say I’m rooting for Alabama, too. Go, ‘Bama. With #1 and #4 both losing this week, Florida may still be in the hunt. Remember last year? It was a mess, and Florida can still come out on top. How in the world do you lose at the Swamp? That’s sad.

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