Forty Nights of Prayer – The Conclusion

In A Christian Life on September 22, 2008 at 11:57 AM

What an incredible journey our little church has been on for over a month. Our last meeting was last night, and it was incredible, to say the least. The presence of the Lord was in our house, and we were blessed beyond measure. In case you haven’t been following along, I have written several articles about our prayer initiative and the experiences we’ve had along the way.

Three times during our forty nights, I asked some pointed questions about the journey. What do you want to receive from this experience? What do you expect? What do want the Lord to do? Good questions, and the answers were insightful. Some stated they didn’t want this journey to end, and that really touched my heart in a positive way.

A few nights before the conclusion of this part of the journey, we had another question and answer session. Let me tell you, the answers were more mature, and there a sense God was making a change in all of us. Listening to what they had received and how they expect God to continue the work He began in them was uplifting and encouraging.

Last night, the conclusion, was highlight of the forty night journey. It was a typical Sunday night crowd in a small church; the regulars came and the numbers looked pretty good. As we began the meeting, I gave a summary of the journey and encouraged everyone to continue in prayer because that is our strength. Most of my people stayed at home during the nightly meetings, but there was a small core that came nearly every night.

We then had our youth perform a couple of dramas, and they were so good. Looking around, I saw hands raised in worship, and heard voices lifting up the name of Jesus. Really, it was a time of praise to the only one worthy of praise – Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God. Our youth performed in front of about 12,000 people at The Zellwood Sweet Corn Festival in Zellwood, Florida, so getting up in front of our people on Sunday night was no big deal. They performed their dramas before heavy rains came and Michael W. Smith had to cancel. As they ministered, you could sense a move of the Spirit of God as tears began streaming down their faces. The Lord really used them last night to minister to everyone in a powerful way.

Before we all began praying, I gave one more opportunity for people to comment on the journey we have just been through. I was so pleased with the answers; so thrilled the people understood what the Lord was doing in us. You see, we came to the realization God’s intention wasn’t to shower us with lightening bolts, angel visits, or water coming out of the wall, which He could have easily done. No, His intention was to help us grow by changing our hearts and perceptions. There were time of refreshing and some pretty amazing things the Lord did during our times of prayer, but most importantly, He changed us.

It is amazing to think of the number of flyers, postcards, and ads I’ve seen over the course of the last month or so regarding extended prayer meetings. Honestly, I had never noticed them before the Lord put into our hearts the need to meet like we did. Apparently, there is a prayer awakening in America; God is calling us to prayer, and we need to get on our faces before a loving God in order to cry out for this great nation. God is calling His saints to pray like never before: millions are dying and are on their way to a devil’s hell, and the church must take the brakes off.

We will continue meeting once a week for prayer, but the people haven’t told me what night they prefer. The Bible tells us to pray without ceasing. In other words, have an attitude of prayer all the time.

What about you? Will you join us for prayer?

  1. You made it through the 40 days. I’m sure God will bless your church, maybe not in numbers, but in the relationship.

    BTW, your site is looking really good. I need to look at all of it, but I’m barely keeping my head up above water during the daytime and rarely get on the computer at home.

    Anyway, great work.

  2. Doc, thanks for the encouraging words. As far as God’s blessings, we just need to watch with anticipation because He promised to bless when we obey.

    The site is taking on a new look, and thanks for your advice a few weeks ago. People aren’t flocking to this blog in big numbers, but there is some traffic, and my prayer is people will be blessed when they get here.

  3. Pastor Ron have you been in a Harp and Bowl prayer/worship service? It was a new experience the first time I attended one but oh the presence of the Lord was so strong as we ministered to him in worship and prayer. It truly carried you into the throne room and the visions and prophetic words that came forth were just what the people needed. God’s presence is addictive and once you have experienced being in his throne room there is nothing else on this earth that can compare. What do we have to go back or look back to when we have seen a glimpse of what is waiting for us at the end of our race?

    Thank you for the time you put into keeping this blog. It is a blessing.

    Harp and Bowl – its name derived from Revelation 5:8 – is a type of worship. It is music that is integrated into prayer, the “harp” representing the music and the “bowl” being representative the prayer of the saints (Christians) that are constantly going up like incense before the throne of God. In other words, prayer that is sung or spoken along with music. This type of worship is used in sustaining long periods of worship.

    A common feature of harp and bowl is antiphonal singers, who use the Bible as a song book, singing and declaring the Word of God along with instruments that accompany the singers. In Harp and Bowl, the major focus is not the singers or the musicians, but the One being worshiped in such a setting. Harp and Bowl is not a new device, but has been used for thousands of years in hundreds of different settings throughout Judaism and Christianity.

    Connie B.

  4. Pastor Connie: It is so nice to see you here, and thanks for the kind words about this small slice of the internet. Though the subject matter is varied, the main purpose of this blog is to bring people to a relationship with Jesus Christ.

    No, I have not been to a Harp and Bowl service, but it sounds like true worship to me. You said

    In Harp and Bowl, the major focus is not the singers or the musicians, but the One being worshiped in such a setting. Harp and Bowl is not a new device, but has been used for thousands of years in hundreds of different settings throughout Judaism and Christianity.

    That pretty well sums up worship – it’s all about Him.

    I’m so glad you dropped in; you told me you would a while back, and you did. Thanks for your comments. Come again, and bring someone with you.

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