How Many Bibles Do You Own?

In Bibles on September 11, 2008 at 12:51 AM

It’s a simple question, really. I would like to know how many Bibles you own, and what your favorite translation is. I suppose the questions can be linked to my posts entitled Bibles – What Are They For? and Other Than the KJV? Please chime in on this; it should be an interesting topic.

  1. I own 2, both of which were given to me, I have a 3rd somewhere in another state! If I’m reading it on my own, I need the easiest version for me to understand, but if I’m trying to follow along @ church or bible study, I use my King James version, just makes it easier

  2. Thanks, Christina, for dropping by. Which version do you feel is the easiest for you to understand?

  3. I am sitting in my office and looking at 14 Bibles on my desk shelf with another 44 in my computer and I know I have at least 3 at home.

  4. I own 25 Bibles not counting the ones available on my computer. My favorite translation for personal study and preaching on Sunday mornings is the New Living Translation 2nd edition. It is an easy read and communicates well to the average person.

  5. I have 21 (mostly study Bibles w/different commentaries) here at the office – Several at home. I enjoy NLT and NIV for pulpit ministry along with Eugene Peterson’s MSG for highlights.

  6. I own around 54 with 3 more on order (the ESV Allan highland goat skin and the new ESV study Bible and the Wide margin ESV from cambridge.. Many I bought @ local remander store called Ollies for low prices even though they were top of the line leather bibles. MY choice is ESV or HCS bible. Some are extra to give to friends as needed.

  7. We own around ten bibles. Amplified, Message, KJV, a couple cd versions, But my favorite Bible is the Womans Bible ( New Kings James Version) by T.D. Jakes called “Woman Thou art Losed” It is a very uplifting Bible for women and easy to read and understand.

  8. At least 11 bound copies…all KJV…and two or three computer programs.

  9. Thanks, everyone, for your comments. I’m sitting on 21 right now, not including what my wife uses. There are numerous versions on my computer, too, and the ability to add more than I could possibly read through the Crosswire project.

    I was just curious. What is far more important than the number of Bibles we own, is how we use them for our spiritual growth and evangelism. The Word of God is our life, and I am grateful we have the freedom to read and study it.

    Personally, I am a KJV person, but have lately been quite interested with the English Standard Version (ESV). Another version I’ve become interested in is the New Century Version (NCV).

    Again, great answers, and I appreciate you dropping by.

  10. Something I didn’t say…

    I have my favorite…worn and familiar. Once I misplaced it and thought it was lost. I grieved as if a dear loved one had gone missing.

  11. Judy, I know exactly what you mean about a favorite. Sadly, the print on my favorite has shrunk somehow, and it’s difficult to read any more, so I’m having to look for another favorite.

  12. I agree having many Bible is not for a collection but many are wide margin which I fill with notes using the cheaper Bible for testing with different note taking method. And I enjoy buying great editions for cheap prices which I may give away to my congregation or friends. See my comment on american Bible sales (under their damaged section) editions of the NAS Bibles for great prices. I wrote in Bible Design and Binding Bolg.

  13. preacherpen, I had the same shrinking print problem…and bought another copy of the same in large print…and it just wasn’t the same. So…I carry my fav to church and squint 🙂 and use the large print at home. It’s a bit large for carrying comfort.

    Old eyes are a challenge. One day I hope to have my cataracts removed and maybe my vision will get better.

  14. What is the problem with these shrinking Bibles? I can actually read small print better if I take my glasses off and read with my one good eye. Isn’t that strange?

    One of my seniors just both eyes worked on within the past month, and her vision has vastly improved. Good for her! I believe hers the same problem you describe – cataracts.

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