Ministry – What Will You Do For Christ Today?

In A Christian Life on September 10, 2008 at 11:57 AM

While browsing through my bookmarked blogs, I came across a great post on inProgress. Tam’s post was about describing our lives as a weather report. Brilliant! Thanks, Tam.

That got me thinking about something dear to my heart – ministry. As a pastor, part of my duties involve pulpit ministry, preaching God’s immeasurable Word, but that’s certainly not all. Ministry is also outside the four walls of the local church; we are to reach out to a lost and dying world, teaching and making disciples of all people.

I would like to pose a question today. What will you do today, or what have you done beginning Monday of this week, that addresses your involvement in ministry? It doesn’t have to be earth-shattering or something that would be put on the front page of a newspaper, but must be ministry.

I’ll give an example, if that’s okay with you. Our daughter and two granddaughters have moved into the parsonage with my wife and me. Thankfully, the congregation doesn’t mind, and there’s room. Well, she brought her 4-month old puppy with her, along with a little gerbil. My wife and I already have a 4-year old Westie, and he’s king of the house. Though the two dogs played well together, we knew it wasn’t going to work out very well, so we thought it best to take little “Lucky” to the county humane society.

As soon as we walked in, one of the staff members immediately fell in love with Lucky, but was unable to take him; she already has two big dogs. There was absolutely no more room in the kennels, and another humane society we called was full, too. Well, now! Just then, a young couple came out of the kennel area into the lobby where they saw our cute little puppy. We heard them exclaim “what a beautiful puppy!”

The staff member whispered, “go outside” and we did. Here’s the part about ministry: We began talking to that young couple about their family, where they lived, what they did for a living, and, of course, the puppy. There was an instant bond between them and Lucky, and you could tell they wanted him. As we talked, the conversation shifted gears and we began talking about their relationship with Christ. They have been attending their grandparent’s church locally, but have not been in about six months.

We told them our church is looking for young couples just like them. They didn’t look like typical church-going people, but that does not matter. Jesus is looking for “whosoever will”, and that young couple fits the description. We want to see them, and their four children again. Would you help us pray for them?

  1. did they take the dog??? šŸ™‚

    i dont know what the “typical church-going people” look like…but i suspect my church is full of them šŸ˜‰

    my husband is the worship/media pastor at our church. i serve along side him on the music team. last night we had a team meeting and brent (my man) spoke on something very near and dear to our hearts, and that is, “Us” going into the our community and reaching people there. we have to stop assuming that they’ll come to the church. relationships need to be formed, contact needs to be made. we want to change our culture, touch our community, with our presence IN it, so he has encouraged us to go around town and find places where bands are playing, get exposure to different flavors. we were encouraged to even play at some of the venues as well.

    i am excited to see our team do this. reach beyond our doors, beyond our bubbles and comfort zone.

  2. Thanks, tam, for dropping by. Yes, they took the puppy. The young mother told my wife, “I’ll talk him into it”, and she was as good as her word. It wasn’t two seconds after we got into our vehicles that she came flying out of her side and began waving her arms saying, “we’ll take him.” See how good God is? He made a way for both our families.

    About the “typical” remark. I simply meant this particular young man had some pretty horrid tattoos on his arms – Jason, the guy with the hockey mask. The “typical” church-goer, to many, is clean-cut, no tattoos, and fits into a particular mold. Personally, I’m more interested in their souls than what they look like. Our task is to bring the lost to Christ. Jesus will take care of their souls.

    Hope I answered your questions.

  3. yes, you answered them well. thanks!

    a few months ago i was walking through our courtyard at church and saw an older lady with her walker walking toward the worship center. about 30 feet behind her, was a young man with a mohawk, tattoos and piercings. he had his eye on her and sped up his stride. eventually he got up to her and helped her the rest of the way across the courtyard. i stood there. eyes filled with tears. it was the most beautiful thing i have ever seen.

  4. Wow, tam, that was a great story. In our own church, we have recently taken in as members a couple who are not your “typical” church people. They just don’t fit the mold, but none of my other members care one lick. I am so thankful we can get beyond what a person looks like, and see what’s in their hearts.

    That story about the young man helping the lady across the street made my point. Ministry cannot be just to a select few; and it’s certainly not BY just a select few.

  5. amen and amen!!! i would love to visit your church someday!

  6. Well, tam, you and your whole crew would be more than welcome here in our little church. It’s not the fanciest place in town, but I guarantee God is in the house, and we love to worship Him. Next time you’re near Orlando, Florida, give me a shout, and you can get directions.

  7. Today I visited an Elder from our last church. She is 87 and she is a very anointed person. She has been alittle upset at how that church does not let the Holy Spirit take control of the service anymore, lately its been more about television services. I gave her a copy of our service titled “The Holy Ghost” and i pray that it touches her heart. Thank you Father God for all youv’e done, All you are doing, and All that you are going to do. A-MEN!

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