McCain Over Obama – Will it Last?

In Politics on September 8, 2008 at 6:07 AM

According to Gallup, there is a surge of enthusiasm in the Republican camp after the convention. This is due in large part to the phenomenal speech Governor Sarah Palin gave. Thankfully, the McCain/Palin ticket has not only matched the unfortunate bounce Obama/Biden received after their convention, but they have also pulled slightly ahead.

One area that shows a significant jump is enthusiasm. Apparently, two factors have lead to what amounts to a “booster shot” affect in the Republican party. First was the unlikely selection of Governor Palin as Senator McCain’s running mate; this was kept secret until the announcement on August 29. Secondly, the governor’s speech on Wednesday night was a ball hit out of the park. With these two factors in place, data shows an 18-point jump in Republican party enthusiasm. That is quite remarkable.

Polls are sometimes accurate tools, but what does this poll really mean? Basically, it means the jump Obama/Biden received after their convention has been completely erased. In fact, the Republican ticket enjoys a slight lead, the most Senator McCain has enjoyed during his race to the White House. When we look at registered voters, McCain/Palin has a slight lead and an even larger lead when looking at people who are likely to vote.

Time will tell how Governor Palin’s selection as Senator McCain’s running mate will ultimately affect this election. As a conservative, I can hope for several important things to occur between now and election day. First, many undecided voters would see the importance of electing McCain/Palin as the next leaders of the free world. Secondly, Americans, who have been so blinded by Senator Obama’s empty call for change, would wake up and see the dangerous path he would lead us down. Lastly, to have a fair playing field – no media bias. I know, this last one is a stretch.

What do you think?

  1. Go Sarah Barracuda !! She is top notch! Very impressive !! She has really fired up the party! Definitely the party of change now! Obama’s pick of Biden is politics as usual!

  2. I like the chart, that’s cool. Now I hope McCain/Palin build on this momentum and carry it through the election.

  3. With all the ridiculous sniping by the left-wing media, it’s a wonder she has a voice at all. I shutter to think about the alternative.

  4. She is sharp and fun to listen to.

  5. BTW, your site is developing, looking good.

  6. Thanks. That means a lot.

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