Gators Beat Miami – Finally

In Sports on September 6, 2008 at 11:36 PM

No. 5 Florida 26, Miami 3

The Gators come out on top for the first time since 1985. I must admit, though, it wasn’t pretty. Not one to hold back praise for those who deserve it, I must give Miami a lot of credit for playing lots of heart and determination.

I wondered if the real Gators were even on the field in the first half, but they certainly showed up in the second half. Coach Meyer has so many weapons to choose from, and they came through in a big way tonight. Coach probably fired them up during the break, and they needed something to get them focused on the job at hand.

According to ESPN, a record attendance was set for this in-state match up between two powerhouse teams – 90,833. Looking at the sheer mass of humanity filling the seats, I don’t see how another fan could have been squeezed into that great stadium. It was quite a site to see on my TV.

We won, but should have done so much better against a young, inexperienced team. Hats off to Miami, though.

Are there any Gator fans around?


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