Florida Gators – Another Championship?

In Sports on September 5, 2008 at 10:16 PM

You probably couldn’t tell by the title, but I just want to let you in on a big secret. It’s perfectly okay to have a favorite team, and mine just happens to be the University of Florida Gators. Is it obvious? Go, Gators!

I have been a Gator fan for a long time, and have seen plenty of shining moments over the years. There have been times the team has amazed me with their superior play, and other times when I wondered if they had even practiced together. All teams go through droughts; some are accustomed to low expectations, while others are rarely faced with a losing season.

We started our season off with a pretty good win against a team that won twelve games last year. Admittedly, Hawaii lost quite a number of their starters, and there is a stark difference between this year’s team and last year’s. Still, we looked good in the second and third quarters, and could have easily run the score through the roof.

No article about the Gators would be complete without the inclusion of Tim Tebow. This is not only a remarkably gifted young man, he also lives out his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. He is not ashamed of his relationship with his family or the God he lovingly serves. There are videos all over the internet showing Tim and family helping people through his father’s ministry. Here’s an interesting story.

The last time the Gators beat the Hurricanes was way back in 1985, which equates to a six-game losing streak. Several things are different this time around. Let’s see, we have a list of healthy players who really want to win this game. We have a superb coach in Urban Meyer, a much improved defense that should be healthy for the game, good special teams, and, there’s this guy who has played before. What’s his name? Oh, it’s Tim Tebow. All of this makes for a pretty good team who is quite hungry to beat the ‘Canes.

The Swamp

The Swamp

One more little detail we need to include is the fact the game is scheduled for this Saturday night at The Swamp. Aren’t the Gators 20-1 at The Swamp in three seasons under Coach Meyer? That’s a pretty impressive record.

The Southeastern Conference (SEC) is a very tough collection of outstanding universities. On any given game day in the SEC, lightening could strike and a top team could go down in defeat. Some say it is the toughest conference in the nation, and I would have to agree. I believe all the teams in the conference are pretty good, and some are quite remarkable.

Are there any other Gator fans out there?

  1. I hate the Gators with a PASSION and always have! [Moderator Edited out unsavory language] GO DAWGS!!!!!!!! GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Not a gator fan, really just indifferent though I like them better than several other sec teams. loved it when we beat y’all with Spurrier and Zook, but I think they’ve got a great team and I don’t think Miami will be much of a challenge to them. Tebow is a great kid and I’m proud of him and y’all for that, too. Hope you wear out the canes today.

  3. Thanks, Doc. Yes, we’ve had some tough losses, but which team hasn’t? Here’s one for your team – “Go, Bulldigs!”

  4. Neal, you are welcome to visit and comment here any time, but if you include language like you did in your post, I will either edit that part out or delete your post altogether.

  5. Oh my that’s a lot of people…..i think they are cheering for the wrong team (LOL)…the UK WILDCATS are a much better team!
    Strike that…the New England Patriots are the best!

  6. […] wrote a post in September about the possibility of the Gators winning another title, and it seems that reality […]

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