John McCain – From Prison to the White House

In Politics on September 4, 2008 at 11:29 PM

I watched just moments ago as a short video of Senator McCain’s life was shown at the Republican Convention. It was impressive, to say the least. This man comes from a long line of people who served admirably in our nation’s military. There is no question about his patriotism and dedication to this great nation of ours, and I am proud to be a veteran along side this soldier of honor.

The senator gave a tremendous speech, and the crowd was obviously electrified by what was said. I believe he means to make significant changes in Washington as he fights the entrenched bureaucracy that has stifled growth for decades. I realize the president doesn’t have as much power as many perceive, but he does have some power to lead and make tough decisions.

During the speech, he gave credit to those who have fought along side him during the toughest of times: his mother, wife and family. He spoke very kindly of President George Bush, and his wife Laura. He also gave honor to President and Mrs. Bush 41, which I thought was quite classy.

Senator McCain also spoke of his pick for VP, Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin, which elicited a roaring response from the delegates. Personally, I believe the McCain/Palin ticket to be the only choice when November rolls around. It was certainly evident the people in that great hall liked what they were hearing.

During the speech, Senator McCain spoke of many things which directly affect American people: security, taxes, government waste, pork-barrel spending, unemployment and more than I can remember. It is my opinion he soundly connected with the people in a way unexpected by many. Great job, Senator McCain. People want to hear how their president will work for them, not how he will cave in to special interest groups.

Isn’t it amazing that a man who was held captive in an enemy prison for over five years, is now close to living in the White House? I hope he wins the election, along with Governor Sarah Palin as VP. This man has fought many battles for our country, and will continue fighting on our behalf. I do not agree with every position he has taken, nor do I think he will change dramatically in the near future.

One last thing. According to Fox News anchor Megyn Kelley, there were 27 standing ovations during the speech. That’s amazing. One particularly notable moment was when CodePink anti-war protesters entered the hall, and Senator McCain told the delegates not to be distracted by the “ground noise.”

What do you think about the McCain/Palin ticket?

  1. The part about him being a POW and to hear him talk about how much he loves America, no matter how imperfect a leader he’s been was very refreshing. I’m still not super fond of him but he went a good ways for me last night in respecting him and getting a little more fired up about the election.

  2. He’s not my favorite, either. To me, Governor Palin gets my respect over the other three running. Senator McCain does have some remarkable qualities, and highlighted some of them last night. We’ll see how much people love our country in November.

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