Looking for a Bounce

In Politics on August 30, 2008 at 9:45 AM

Politics are confusing and sometimes irrational, to say the least. Who could have written a script with all the twists and turns this campaign has already seen this year? Who would have believed a community organizer from Chicago, with virtually no experience, would be precariously close to living in the White House? So many in America have been blinded by the idea of change, but have little or no clue as to what that change will bring.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the Obama campaign considers their convention a wonderful success. One major goal of the convention was to win over Senator Clinton’s devoted followers, and, apparently, some of them made the inexplicable jump to the “other side.” My question to supporters of either Senator Obama or Senator Clinton: what do you really see in them? What do they offer?

The numbers are staggering, but show just how far many Americans will go in hopes of something better. Again, according to the Los Angeles Times, more than 84,000 people filled a football stadium to watch Senator Obama accept the democratic party nomination. Amazingly, more than 38 million people watched him on TV. Nielsen Media Research claims this is a new high. All of this just shows how desperate people are, but have no clue what they are getting themselves in to.

Apparently, the Obama campaign got what they wanted in the form of an 8-point bounce. They managed to soothe the pain of defeat so many Senator Clinton supporters have felt since her loss to the Illinois senator. Hopefully, the 8-point bounce will quickly dissolve and become just another number of little significance.

As I’ve stated before, “WAKE UP, AMERICA!

  1. As for what Obama is offering, during his speech he said he was going to invest $10 Billion dollars over the next ten years in early edcuation. (I reckon he is going to have children start to school as soon as they can walk.) My only question is where is he going to get the money, when he says he is going to lower taxes on 95% of the people in this country. I personally believe he has a hidden agenda and I don’t believe we will be happy with it.

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