Cambridge Large Print KJV 83 Black Text Only Bible – Update 2

In Bibles on July 28, 2008 at 6:07 PM

After much anticipation, my replacement showed up at the parsonage today.  it didn’t take long for me to unwrap the package and look inside. Before going any further, let me say, once again, how impressed I am with customer service at Baker Publishing.  The shipping tab was picked up by them, so no money came out of my pockets, and that’s the way customer service should work, IMHO.


The first thing I saw after opening the package was an invoice, carton contents sheet and another package return receipt for the Cambridge Presentation Bible that will be exchanged soon. My, they are efficient.

I have to tell you, the new Cambridge boxes used now just aren’t as nice as the ones they supplied before. I really like the King’s College slipcase boxes Bibles used to be packaged in. For a reason only they know, we are now given a clam shell case, which is efficient, but not as nice as the old. This is a minor point, to be sure, but there you go – personal preference.

I’m a little confused about the numbering on the box, too. The ISBN 978-0-521-50880-3 is the same for this new Bible and the one it replaced. The old Bible was black French Morocco #83, while this one is burgundy French Morocco #KJ653:T. Baker’s site denotes KJ83. The only difference I can tell is in the color of the leather cover.

img_0031The text on my replacement is just as sharp as the first one, and appears to be put together better. There seems to have been more attention to details, and I am certainly grateful. I am pleased with the lining and corner areas, which is why the black Bible had to be returned. Obviously, I haven’t had time to read every page, but it looks like this one is a definite keeper. Good job, Cambridge and Baker Publishing.

A Bible that sits on a shelf is not much good; it must be read, studied and ingested. The very life it has must be taken in by those who are blessed to read its pages. Just before typing this post, I had completed today’s reading. If you would like to know more about this subject, you can browse through Bibles – What Are They For?. Thank God for His wonderful Word!

  1. Preacherpen.

    Out side of the Cambridge Kj653:T you have, and the one I own, obtained from a small old Bible store in my area. I cannot find any listing of this edition anywhere!. Cambridge does not have it on their site, Baker Publishing doesn’t acknowledge it. The only reference on the web is where you, and I have posted information on it.

    Strange ……. Samuel Owen.

    • Samuel, first of all, thank you so much for dropping by my blog and leaving your comments. What you report is kind of strange. After a cursory lxquick search, I find the same thing as you; there is little mention of this incredible bible. I suppose you, HowlerMonkey and I were blessed to have gotten at least some of the last copies.

      This is one fine piece of workmanship: the font is the right size for me, the text block is clear, the bible is just the right size for a daily reading bible, and the color is pleasing. A few things which would make this the perfect bible for me are as follows: binding in either goatskin or calfskin, three ribbon markers and the old-style slip case (I really prefer the King’s College case over the newer oyster shell cases).

      Please come again.

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