Cambridge Large Print KJV 83 Black Text Only Bible – Update

In Bibles on July 15, 2008 at 3:29 PM

Customer service can easily be classified as “missing in action”, and that is unfortunate. There are some companies, however, who take their responsibility in handling customers’ needs to heart. One such company is Baker Publishing Group. They are committed to making things right, and that is certainly commendable, especially in this day of shoddy workmanship and service.

I’ve already spoken to the fine people at Baker Publishing Group, which is the North American distributor for Cambridge University Press Bibles. I was told it would be no problem to exchange my Bible for a new one. The trouble is, there aren’t any to trade for. There aren’t any in stock, and no one knows when a new shipment will arrive. I stay in contact with customer service, and will eventually get word to send mine in for exchange. Until that time, I will continue using this great Bible.

I left a message with Jessica Bolks, customer service representative, Baker Publishing Group, and she called this morning. I could not have been more pleased with the way she handled my request. Not only did she find a suitable replacement, she said Baker would pick up the shipping tab. Not every company you deal with will go the extra mile like that.

BTW, I’m going to receive a burgundy Bible instead of black, but that will be quite alright with me. My main concern is the lining being applied properly. As I already stated in this post, the clarity of the text is wonderful, and needs no improvement. I should have a new Bible sitting in my mailbox within two weeks, and probably sooner. I’ll certainly keep you posted.

  1. Hello Bro. Parish,
    As you already know, Bro. Braswell and I love you and your family with all of our hearts. You are dear friends that we treasure. Your site is so great with such wonderful information on different topics.
    I am expecting even greater things for you and your Church. Keep up the good work for the Kingdom of God and His reward will be great.
    I am also a firm believer in reading the Bible, not just every once in a while, but every day. Great schedule to follow to read the Bible through again and again.

    Sis. Ann

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